CREST Members vote in new Executive

At the CREST AGM on Thursday 30th January 2014, four new Members were elected to the CREST Executive.  These were John Beale, Security Alliance; Roy Hills, NTA Monitor; Rowland Johnson, Nettitude and Punam Tiwari, IRM.

Adoption of new Articles of Association and associated Bye-Laws were approved unanimously at the EGM which took place immediately before the AGM.  The aim was to ensure the Articles were more representative of the membership, created a more inclusive body and allowed flexibility for CREST.  The Bye-Laws were written to reflect the modus operandi of CREST, including the process for elections to the CREST Executive and a system of rotation to make it more inclusive group.

“We had 23 member companies represented at the EGM and the AGM which, with the proxy votes received, represents an impressive 90% of the CREST membership,” said Ian Glover, President of CREST.  “Thank you to everyone who attended and voted, and a special thank you to all of those who stood for election:  your ongoing commitment to CREST is invaluable.”

The CREST Executive now comprises:

John Beale, Security Alliance Ltd
Alex Church, Context Information Security Ltd
Stuart Criddle, NCC Group Ltd
Paul Docherty, Portcullis Computer Security Ltd
Roy Hills, NTA Monitor Ltd
Rowland Johnson, Nettitude Ltd
Paul Midian, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP
Punam Tiwari, IRM PLC
Paul Vlissidis, NCC Group Ltd