CREST Beta Examinations

1st July 2016

CREST is pleased to announce that it will be running Beta examinations for the CREST CRT, CREST CCT-INF and CREST CCT-APP exams during the week commencing 4th July.

These examinations will be run at the Singaporean Institute of Technology (SIT) and will be led by a CREST International Assessor.  The sessions will adhere to the following format.


9am – 10.00am:               Introduction to CREST


                                             Rules of engagement

                                             Timings of exams

                                             CCT/CRT syllabus discussion – an overview of the skills required to pass the exam

                                             NDA and Code of Conduct signing


10.00am – 10.30am:       Break (setup exam infrastructure and rearrange room)


10.30am – 14.00 pm:      3xCRT, 1xCCT INF, 1xCCT APP (full examinations – this is important as it will hopefully allow us to find good candidates to help run exams going forward).


14.00pm – 15.00pm:       Debrief session NB: This will not include detailed walk-throughs and answers, rather an open discussion around difficulties experienced by candidates, areas to revise etc. NB: This may be cut short on the Friday


15.00pm – 18.30pm:       Marking, disk wiping, review.

To find out more about this training session, please contact [email protected]