CREST Workshop for Launch Plans

Wednesday July 6th

CREST will be running a workshop to formally communicate the launch plans for CREST USA.  All CREST member companies with an interest on Internationalization are invited to attend.  The session is expected to cover the following details.

CREST will provide background details on the US project plan and will provide an update on how the project has been progressing to date.  Formal recognition will be given to both UKTI and the FCO for their support for CREST’s International expansion.

In addition, CREST will provide high level visibility about how they will be working alongside the NSA/IAD to deliver the CIRA program. 

All those that have an active interest in supporting CREST develop in to the USA should attend.  We will be looking to find supporters to help champion the messaging in the coming months.

The session will run from 10am – 3pm.  For more details please contact Elaine Luck at CREST.