Cyber Threat Intelligence Maturity Assessment Tool

Many organisations are extremely concerned about potential and actual cyber security attacks, both on their own organisations and in ones similar to them. One of the most important elements of any security function is the ability to predict and prepare for potential attacks. To understand who is like to target them, how they will be targeted, what the attack with look like and what the attackers will be targeting. All of these elements, when conducted properly, can have a significant effect on the organisation’s ability to then detect and respond to the attacks. Each organisation should therefore develop an appropriate Threat Intelligence programme which will enable them to adopt a systematic, structure approach to undertaking intelligence.

This Maturity Assessment Tool provides a mechanism for carrying out an assessment of the level of cyber threat intelligence maturity an organisation has at a high level.

The tool itself can be downloaded:
Cyber Threat Intelligence Maturity Assessment Tool (Detailed level)

A copy of CREST’s Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence can also be viewed here.