Latest Update on CREST Examinations in the UK - 3 July

CREST is very pleased to announce that the examination centre in Slough is re-opening for examinations from 11 August 2020.  The dates for the first tranche of examinations are as follows:

11, 12, 13 August CRT, CCT Inf and CCT App
8, 9, 10, 11 September CRT, CCT Inf and CCT App
15, 16, 17 September CRT, CCT Inf, CCT App, CCSAS
22, 23, 24 September CRT, CCT Inf and CCT App

In addition, CREST is planning to run CRT & CCT examinations in hotels in Cheltenham, Manchester and Milton Keynes on the following dates:

18, 19, 20 August Milton Keynes CRT
25, 26, 27 August Cheltenham CRT
15, 16, 17 September Manchester CRT, CCT Inf and CCT App
22, 23, 24 September Milton Keynes CRT, CCT Inf and CCT App


Please note that these are planned dates only at this stage and are subject to change, although we hope that we will not have to.  We are working closely with the hotels to confirm that all of their processes and procedures are in place to ensure it is as safe as possible for both candidates and CREST colleagues; we will be announcing the venues shortly.

Please note the following important steps that have been made to ensure candidate safety:

CREST would like to thank you for your patience while we are working to make examinations available again, not only at the Slough examination centre but also in hotels to try and reduce the time needed to travel for some.  We are sure you will appreciate that Government advice has been changing and we want to be certain that not only are we following that, but that we can also be confident that the way we will be running the examinations ensures the safety of candidates and everyone in the CREST community.

We also hope that you understand that this is all subject to change in the current climate.  We will of course let you know as quickly as possible should any arrangements need to be altered.

For more information and to book an examination please contact [email protected]