CREST partners with the GFCE

4 May 2021:     CREST International has partnered with the Global Forum on Cyber Expertise (GFCE) to support its efforts to build cyber capacity and resilience around the world.

CREST became the 43rd organisation to partner with the GFCE, an organisation that works internationally to strengthen co-operation on cyber capacity building by connecting needs with existing resources and expertise.

The GFCE co-ordinates regional and global cyber capacity projects and initiatives; shares research, knowledge and expertise; and acts as a clearing house to match cyber need with the support available from the international cyber community.
Much of the GFCE’s work is channelled through its Working Groups.  CREST is a member of the following GFCE Working Groups:

Chris Painter, President of the GFCE Foundation Board, said: “We warmly welcome CREST as our new GFCE Partner. Worldwide, CREST has an impressive track record on cyber capacity building activities, expertise and guidance which will be of tremendous help to many in our community.”

Ian Glover, President of CREST, said: “The GFCE does tremendous work in sharing knowledge and expertise to build cyber capacity on a global scale. I am delighted that CREST can contribute our extensive expertise in professional cyber skills and capacity building to support the GFCE’s work.”

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