GB Management Team

CREST (GB)  is managed by an Executive of nine senior industrialists, two of whom represent the CREST assessors.  At an operational level, responsibility is divided into the following areas: Governance, standards and operations, marketing and communications, finance and HR & remuneration.  CREST holds a Register of Interests for the Executive which is reviewed at each quarterly meeting in order to maintain the integrity of the group. The CREST (GB) Articles of Association, which are supported by binding Bye-Laws, outline the criteria, process and activities of the CREST (GB) Executive and are sent to member companies’ primary points of contact in advance of every General Meeting each year.

The CREST (GB) Executive meet for six formal meetings a year plus, traditionally, two strategy days and other occasional meetings of the Executive group.   The Director of CREST (GB) is currently Ian Glover.  A second Director will be appointed shortly and jointly they primarily hold fiduciary responsibilities.

All positions on the Executive are for a period of three years and at that point the incumbents compulsorily retire and are eligible for re-election for a further three year term.  No member of the Executive who has been elected by the membership at an AGM holds office as a member of the Executive for more than six consecutive years; at that point they must stand down for a period of one year.

General Meetings are traditionally held in May each year.  If a member company would like to get involved and has opted for GB or EMEA membership, they should respond to the call for nominations, subject to the criteria set out in the Bye-Laws.

Rotation of CREST (GB) Executive members

To ensure that the CREST Executive maintains a healthy representation of the current information security industry, a proportion of the Executive, which may include the Directors, is refreshed every year. To achieve this, an election is held at the Annual General Meeting from amongst the CREST Member Company Representatives to fill these vacancies on the Executive.

The following criteria applies to retirement by rotation:
•   Members of the Executive who have been in office for three years or more either since their appointment or since their last re-appointment retire from office but are eligible to stand for re-election;
•   Any Directors or members of the Executive who have been appointed since the last annual general meeting under the provisions of specific clauses within CREST Articles of Association retire from office and are eligible to stand for election;
•   Any members of the Executive appointed since the last annual general meeting to fill a casual vacancy on the Executive shall retire and be eligible to stand for election if they wish to.

A vacancy on the Executive arising from a resignation is allocated to the first unelected candidate (the first reserve) from the election held at the Annual General Meeting last occurring and Members of the Executive appointed in this way serve for the same term as the individual that they are replacing.

As a permanent member of the CREST staff, Ian Glover’s position on the Executive does not rotate.

Assessor Representatives on the Executive
A similar process applies Assessors’ Representatives who represent the Assessors on the CREST Executive.  Two Assessor Representatives are selected from amongst the Assessors in place at the time of the election and their appointment is for a period of three years at which point they can either resign their position as an Assessor Representative on the Executive or put themselves forward to the Assessors’ group for re-election in that capacity.  The two Assessor Representatives share a single vote at meetings of the CREST Executive.


GB Management Team


Chairman of CREST (GB) Executive
Mark Turner, Director, NCC Group PLC
Mark Turner - Head and ShouldersMark is a Director at NCC Group with responsibility for Operations, Management, Direction and Development of the Security Consultancy. Mark is passionate about developing the UK IT Security industry and making it the most professional and highest regarded in the world. As such, he is a founder and Director of BSides Manchester InfoSec Conference and is keen to continue his contribution to the security community through his position within CREST. Mark has been CREST Chairman since June 2016 with the aim of leading CREST through its most interesting times as it expands globally. He believes this global expansion will provide many opportunities to all CREST members and improved cyber and information security and collaboration across the world.
Contact: [email protected]

Stuart Criddle, Cyber Director, PwC
HeadShot_BlankStuart is one of the two Assessors’ representatives on the CREST Executive and leads on the technical delivery aspects of CREST examinations. Stuart is Director, UK Ethical Hacking at PwC and is responsible for leading CLAS consultancy projects such as RMADS production and also has a key role in leading many PCI QSA assignments. He works as part of the main consultancy and testing team on both infrastructure and application assignments and has a long history of working with central government and police clients.
Contact: [email protected]

Stuart Morgan, Principal Consultant, F-Secure Cyber Security Ltd (Assessors’ Representative)Stuart-Morgan-225x300
Stuart has been an Assessor for CREST for a number of years and was elected by his peers to the Executive in June 2017. His aim is to ensure that CREST exams remain the best in the world.
Contact: [email protected]

Ian Lovering, Technical Lead, DXC Technology (Assessors’ Representative)
HeadShot_Blank Ian has 20 years experience in the IT industry latterly as technical lead for DXC managing CHECK, STAR and GBEST penetration testing and long-term vulnerability scanning implementations.  He has also been responsible for secure architecture reviews and secure code reviews covering multiple industries including finance, public sector, telecoms, and oil and gas.  Ian has been a CREST Assessor since 2015 and is currently running the CREST exam development group creating the new Next Generation exams for CREST.
Contact:  [email protected]


Oliver Church, Director, Orpheus Cyber LtdHeadShot_Blank
Oliver is CEO of Orpheus, a specialist Cyber Threat Intelligence company. He is responsible for Cyber Threat Intelligence on the CREST Executive and is a passionate believer in the importance of intelligence-led security. Oliver has previously established successful cyber security teams and capabilities at major global organisations and has a wide range of risk management and security experience, developed working for a diverse range of large and small organisations over the last 17 years. An expert in cyber risk management and cyber resilience testing, Oliver has been involved in developing intelligence-led cyber resilience frameworks, working with Regulators to do so, and has extensive experience leading cyber threat intelligence teams to conduct the testing itself. Oliver’s cyber security expertise is built on a foundation as a qualified lawyer, which enables him to add the legal perspective to the management of cyber risks. Oliver is a CREST Certified Cyber Threat Intelligence Manager (CCTIM), an Assessor of the TI examinations and a Solicitor of the Supreme Court of England and Wales.
Contact:  [email protected]

HeadShot_BlankSimon Clow, Associate Director, Context Information Security Ltd
Simon is responsible for the technical delivery of complex assurance engagements to Regulators and a variety of public and private sector clients. He has designed various testing methodologies used by the company and was involved in the development of the CBEST framework. He is a Fellow of CREST and a CREST Assessor and is keen to ensure CREST delivers best of breed examinations and that its industry-wide reputation is maintained and enhanced globally.
Contact:  [email protected]

Rob Dartnall, CEO and Director of Intelligence, Security Alliance Ltd (Threat Intelligence representative)Rob Dartnall
Rob is the CEO and Director of Intelligence for Security Alliance Ltd, a leading Cyber Threat Intelligence company. Rob also acts as an Associate Director of Intelligence with Gartner consulting. From a Military Intelligence background, Rob transitioned his Intelligence tradecraft into the cyber domain where he is an advocate of ‘Intelligence Preparation of the Battlespace’.  Robs primary work has been designing Intelligence-led resiliency programs, developing intelligence capability and providing Intelligence Assessments.  Rob holds the CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager qualification, is a CREST TI Assessor and sits of the CTIPS Steering committee.
Contact:  [email protected]

John Fitzpatrick, Innovation Director, F-Secure Cyber Security LtdJohn-Fitzpatrick-225x300
John joined MWR in 2006 as an intern and progressed through the ranks and was appointed Managing Director in 2015. His experience includes CHECK Team Leader engagements and has worked with some of the largest organisations globally across multiple industry sectors. He has also contributed research, tooling and security advice to industry and is a frequent speaker at security conferences.
Contact: [email protected]

Gemma Moore_smallGemma Moore, Director, Cyberis Ltd
Gemma has worked in technical assurance since 2004 and holds CREST qualifications in infrastructure, applications and simulated attack and is also a Fellow of CREST. Her experience encompasses team management and leadership, sales, business and financial performance management, and bespoke technical training. The commercial success and growth of the whole industry is important to her and she is keen to support the objectives of CREST for the good of the industry as a whole.
Contact:  [email protected] 

Matt Summers, Vice President of Engagement Management, AonMatt Summers
Matt is an accomplished security consultant with over 2 decades of experience. A former Army Captain within the British Army’s Information Assurance unit and former HMG Science Advisor specialising in research and development of secure hardware and software solutions. A co-founder of the BSides London security conference, co-founder and director of the BSides Manchester security conference and chief cat herder for the DefCon Aerospace Village Matt has a passion for knowledge sharing and community engagement.


Paul Midian, Chief Information Security Officer, Dixons Carphone PLC (Chair of CREST Senior Advisory Panel)HeadShot_Blank
Paul is an accomplished information and cyber security practitioner with over 20 years ‘experience; he is Chief Information Security Officer at Dixons Carphone plc.Previously, Paul was a director in the Cyber Security practice at PwC leading large scale information and cyber security improvement and transformation programmes. Prior to his role at PwC, Paul was a director at Information Risk Management Plc . During his tenure revenue increased by over 75% and the company won the Secure Computing ‘Information Security Consultancy of the Year 2013′ award. Prior to working at IRM he was Head of Security Testing at Siemens Enterprise Communications (formerly Insight Consulting).Paul is a member of the BCS and of ISACA. He has been involved in the CREST organisation since its inception.
Contact: [email protected]

CREST Permanent Staff

Ian Glover, PresidentHeadShot_Blank
Ian has worked in the IT industry for the last 40 years and has been working in information security for the last 36 years – and has enjoyed nearly every minute of it. As President of CREST he has taken it to a position of influence in the technical security industry and has been instrumental in many major industry initiatives. These include the award winning Cyber Essentials scheme, which assesses basic levels of cyber hygiene; and the CREST, Bank of England and Government project to develop the STAR and CBEST Schemes that are designed to provide higher levels of assurance for critical parts of the UK financial services and other parts of the critical national infrastructure. He also helped to develop and implement the UK Government CIR (Cyber Incident Response) and CREST Cyber Security Incident Response (CSIR) schemes.

Internationally he is working with governments and regulators to establish or develop CREST chapters in Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Australia and the USA. He is also supporting member companies in many other regions. Prior to representing CREST, Ian was one of the founders of Insight Consulting, a leading specialist information security consultancy. The business was purchased by Siemens. He then sat on the Board of Siemens Communications. Prior to establishing Insight Consulting has worked for the MoD, Treasury (CCTA) and Ernst and Young.
Contact: [email protected]

Elaine Luck, Operations ManagerEAL-2018-h+s
Elaine has worked at Board level in industry for nearly 40 years, predominantly for the leading trade association in the defence and public security sectors but latterly in the facilities environment. Her roles have included company secretary, business and operations management, membership management, event organisation and personnel management. Within CREST she is responsible to the Executive for all aspects of day to day operations and also for CREST’s Cyber Essentials engagement.
Contact: [email protected]

Adriana Costa-McFadden, Company Administratoradriana photo v2
Prior to joining CREST, Adriana was a Software Engineer at Nortel Networks. Within CREST, she is responsible for membership renewals, examination equivalencies, administration of the Approved Training Provider scheme, Academic Partners and overall support to members.
Contact: [email protected]

Sally Fitzmaurice, Examinations Administrator
Sally has extensive high-level experience in administration and a strong background in customer engagement and time management. Within CREST she is responsible for managing all aspects of the examination booking process.
Contact: [email protected]


Samantha Alexander, Principal Accreditor Sam Alexander
Sam is an experienced auditor in Information Security, Business Continuity and Quality. She has particular experience of ISO27001 and information security having been consultant helping clients with the implementation and operation of new management systems effectively into their business. Supporting clients to maintain their certifications to relevant standards, as well as reviews carrying out reviews, updates and restructuring of management systems for a wide range of sectors. Within CREST she supports the company membership accreditation function, carrying out reviews on company applications and all supporting documentation.
Contact: [email protected]

Becky DaviesBecky Davies, Associate Accreditor
Having completed a Psychology degree from Warwick University but having a keen interest in all things cyber, Becky became a CREST researcher.  Learning more throughout every research project led to the offer of Associate Accreditor within CREST.  Supporting Samantha, Becky assists with company audits, membership enquiries and general CREST expansion.
Contact:  [email protected]

Jonathan Armstrong, Associate AccreditorJonathan Armstrong
Jonathan is an experienced relationship manager having worked for over a decade in the banking industry. He has experience of quality assurance and internal auditing. Within CREST Jonathan supports the accreditation team and assists with company audits and membership enquiries. Jonathan read Criminology at university and has a keen interest in cyber security.


Stephen Child, IT Systems ManagerS-Child
Stephen is a very experienced IT professional with over 10 years experience working in IT infrastructure. He has supreme technical knowledge of software such as Azure, V-Centre and Windows. He is also CISSP, CCNA and CCNP qualified. Within CREST he has responsibility for all aspects of examination infrastructure maintenance as well as back office development, maintenance and support.
Contact: [email protected]

Tyrone Taylor2Tyrone Taylor, IT Systems Administrator
Tyrone has extensive experience in IT gained over 30 years and is committed to providing support to clients and colleagues. Within CREST he is responsible for managing the back office systems, supporting the technical delivery of examinations and helping with project work.
Contact:  [email protected]