CREST International provides global support to regionally based CREST Chapters.  CREST International currently operates four regions split across EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), The Americas, Asia and Australasia.

CREST International supports local countries to build their own CREST chapters to service the needs of the local market.  This is further supported by CREST International with research, certifications and accreditation programs being delivered consistently across the globe.

The individual Chapters each have Regional Advisory Boards to manage the country-specific interests of member companies.  There are two legal directors – Rowland Johnson and Ian Glover –  who devolve responsibility to CREST for the day to day management of the organization.  In addition, there are a number of key executives that are employed by CREST International to deliver financial control, technical strategy, business development and support services.

CREST International represents the needs of the global cyber security market and is registered in the UK as a not-for-profit company limited by guarantee.  As a consequence, its strategy is aligned to that of nurturing global capability, capacity and consistency and is not tied to any country specific agenda.

Further information on the following areas of good governance can be found as follows:
•  CREST Codes of Conduct
•  CREST Code of Ethics
•  GDPR Compliance
•  Conflict of Interest and Impartiality
•  Whistle-Blowing
•  Diversity, Equality and Inclusion

•  Feedback:

—  CREST Company Complaints and Resolutions
—  Individuals Complaints and Resolutions
—  Membership Appeals Process
—  Email:  [email protected]