Setting Up a New CREST Chapter

CREST actively encourages the creation of new chapters.  As a not for profit organisation, CREST’s mission is to create capability, capacity and consistency within the global technical cyber security industry.  As a consequence, we will provide support and assistance to countries and regions that are focused on building local CREST chapters.

CREST is focused on making chapters sustainable.  Although sustainability within regions and countries will be influenced by a number of different factors, some of the key indicators are as follows.

Although there are no concrete figures, requiring a minimum number of member companies or Information Security professionals required to build a chapter, CREST believes that the is a tipping point where sustainability becomes easier to achieve.

If there are approximately 5 suppliers of technical cyber security services within a market, with interest in supporting the creation of a CREST chapter, then this would indicate a sustainable supplier base.

If there are approximately 15-20 individuals within a market that are actively involved in the delivery of technical cyber security services, and whom recognise the value in demonstrating their skills to employers, then this would indicate a sustainable base of individuals.

In every instance, CREST is interested in supporting countries, organizations and even individual cyber security professionals build and sustain CREST chapters.  We actively encourage dialogue, and are keen to help support initiatives that drive consistency across the global cyber security industry.

To find out more about how CREST can help build localized CREST chapters, please e-mail [email protected]