Accredited Companies - Regions and Services

This page provides a static overview of all CREST accredited member companies.

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  Region Services
Member Name The Americas EMEA Asia Australasia   Vulnerability Assessment Penetration Testing Cyber Security Incident Response STAR (Simulated Targeted Attack & Response) Penetration Testing STAR Threat Intelligence  SOC
2-sec Consulting  √
Accenture (UK) Ltd
ACIS Professional Center
Across Verticals Sdn Bhd Singapore
Adura Cyber Security Services Pte Ltd
Aegis Security Pte Ltd Singapore
Alcorn Security Group Pty Ltd
Ambersail Ltd  √
A&O Corsaire Ltd UK
Applied Risk
Arcturus Security Ltd UK
ARM CyberSecurity UK
Armadillo Sec Ltd UK   √
Assure IT Pte Ltd Singapore
Asterisk Information Security
ATvanGarde Pte Ltd Singapore
Aujas Networks Private Ltd
Aura Information Security
Avotis Singapore
BAE Systems Applied Intelligence
BCC Risk Advisory Ltd (edgescan)
BDO LLP  √  √
Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc  √  √
Bridewell Consulting
BSI Cybersecurity and Information Resilience  √
BT Security
Bulletproof (ServerChoice)
Capita Business Services Ltd UK
Capital Network Solutions Ltd UK
Caretower Ltd UK
Casaba Security
CCL (Solutions) Group
Centurion Information Security Pte Ltd
Chess Cybersecurity Ltd UK  √
CNS Group UK
Cobalt Labs
Commissum Associates Ltd
Comtact Ltd UK
Consider IT Ltd UK
Context Information Security Ltd
Control Risks Group Ltd  √
Crossword Cybersecurity UK
CyberGuard Technologies Ltd UK
Cyberint UK Singapore
Cyberis Ltd
Cylance  √  √
D2 Network Associates Ltd UK
Defendza Ltd  √
Deloitte Touche Tomatsu Ltd  √
Digital Shadows Ltd  √
DigitalXRAID Ltd UK  √  √
Dionach Ltd
DNEX Technology Sdn Bhd
DXC Technology
Ensign InfoSecurity (Smarttech) Pte Ltd
Equilibrium Security Services Ltd UK
ES2 Pty Ltd
eSecure Pty Ltd
EY (Ernst & Young LLP) Singapore
Falanx Cyber Defence Ltd UK
FireEye Mandiant
Firmus Sdn Bhd
Fortiedge Pte Ltd Singapore
F-Secure Consulting USA
Grant Thornton  √
Halo IS Ltd UK
Happiest Minds Technologies Private Ltd
Hedgehog Security
HolistiCyber Ltd UK
Horangi Pte Ltd
IBM  √
Infosys Ltd
Integrity SA  √
InteliSecure UK
Intertek-NTA UK
IOActive, Inc  √
IRM (Information Risk Management Ltd) UK  √
ITDefence Private Ltd Singapore
IT Governance Ltd  UK
ITSEC Services Asia Pte Ltd
Kroll LLC  √  √
L&T – Larsen & Toubro Infotech Ltd
LGMS – LE Global Services Sdn Bhd
Managed IT Services
Maximus Consulting (Hong Kong) Ltd  √
MDSec Consulting UK  √
Mercury Information Security Services Pty Ltd
MTI Technology Ltd
National Security Services Group
NCC Group  √  √
NetSPI – Network Security Professionals, Inc  √
Nettitude Group
Node4 Ltd UK
NTT Ltd  √
Obrela Security Industries SA
OmniCyber Security Ltd UK  √
One Compliance
OnSecurity LLP UK
Orpheus Cyber Ltd UK
PA Consulting
PCS Security Pte Ltd Singapore
Pen Test Partners LLP
Pentest Ltd UK
Pentest People Ltd UK  √
Perspective Risk Ltd UK
PGI – Protection Group International UK
Pivot Point Security, Inc USA
Precursor Security Ltd UK
Prescient Security, LLC
Prism Infosec Ltd
Privasec  Singapore
ProCheckUp Ltd  √
PulseSecure Pte Ltd  √
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP (PwC)
QinetiQ Ltd
Quorum Cyber Security Ltd UK
Redlegg UK  √
Redscan Cyber Security Ltd  √
Regency IT Consulting  √
Reliance acsn Ltd UK
Resolvo Systems Pte Ltd Singapore  √
RSA Security LLC
Samurai Digital Security Ltd UK
Sapphire Technologies Ltd UK
SEC Consult
Sec Ops (Twisted Fish Ltd) UK
SEC-1 Ltd  √  √
Secarma Ltd UK  √
Secure Data Europe Ltd UK  √
SecureLink UK Ltd  √
SecureWorks Europe Ltd  √
Security Alliance Ltd
Security Risk Management
SensePost (Pty) Ltd
Silverskin Information Security Pte Ltd Singapore
SK Infosec Co Ltd
Slipstream Cyber
SoftScheck Singapore Pte Ltd Singapore
Spirent Communications
ST Engineering Electronics
Stickman Consulting Pty Ltd
Stratia Cyber
SureCloud Ltd
Synack, Inc USA
Synopsys Inc
SysArmy Sdn Bhd Singapore
Tata Consultancy Services Ltd  √
Thales Solutions Asia Pte Ltd Singapore
Threat Intelligence Pty Ltd
Triskele Labs Global Pty Ltd
Trustwave SpiderLabs
Vantage Point Security Pte Ltd
Verizon Business  √
VerSprite, LLC USA
Wipro Ltd  √
wizlynx group
Xtremax Pte Ltd Singapore
Xyone Cyber Security Solutions Ltd UK
ZeroDayLab Ltd