Benefits of using a CREST qualified consultant

Prac-Reg-Cert+examsCREST qualified individuals have to pass rigorous professional level examinations to demonstrate knowledge, skill and competence.  Buyers utilising consultants that hold a valid CREST qualification can be assured that the work will be conducted by highly-qualified people with up to date knowledge, skill and competence to deal with all the latest vulnerabilities and techniques used by real attackers.

CREST exams are recognised by the professional services industry and buyers as being the best indication of knowledge, skill and competence and involve a rigorous set of technical assessments.  They are a high-level aspiration for those taking them and are increasingly a mandated requirement for those hiring or buying services.

The CREST technical labs are designed to simulate real world scenarios and are widely regarded as being some of the most demanding assessments available across the globe.  Individuals who have passed CREST examinations sign up to the enforceable Code of Conduct and demonstrate a level of technical capability combined with ethics, integrity and honesty.

CREST provides the confidence that penetration testing, threat intelligence and cyber incident response services will be carried out by qualified individuals with up to date knowledge, skills and competence, supported by a professional services company with appropriate data handling processes, quality assurance policies and technical methodologies.  It also provides an independent complaints process, tied to the company and individual Codes of Conduct.