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CISO ASEAN Online: 30 May 2023


30 May 2023
10:00am – 2:30pm Singapore Time (GMT+8)

We are pleased to invite you to attend CISO ASEAN Online! Taking place on May 30, CISO ASEAN Online is the one-stop platform you need to benchmark new practices and drive change in the ASEAN cyber security community. Through an interactive, virtual platform, attendees will engage in the latest cybersecurity discussions through keynotes, panels, interviews, and other engaging sessions.

Join your peers and learn how to successfully implement effective cloud protection, mitigate third-party risk, defend your virtual walls from supply chain and hybrid ransomware attacks, integrate a Zero Trust approach, identify breaches early, engage with the latest emerging technologies, analyse the current ASEAN threat landscape, stay one step ahead of hackers and more.

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