CREST Approved Training Provider Scheme

About the CREST Approved Training Provider Scheme
CREST approves training providers to help professionals who are working towards certain qualifications, or those who would like to acquire, maintain or extend their knowledge and capability.

CREST audits the quality procedures, data handling processes and course review criteria of the Providers for the provision of information assurance or cyber security training;  CREST does not audit the content of the courses themselves.

The Provider then submits a course or modules that have been signed off by an individual that holds the same qualification or higher in the discipline.  This sign-off must includes confirmation that:

  1. the modules/course covers some or all components of the CREST syllabus for the CREST examination; and
  2. the module/course is appropriate for the level at which specific subject areas are taught and can act as an aid to study towards the CREST examination

You will find a list of CREST Approved Training Providers courses here.

The benefits of becoming a CREST Approved Training provider
•  Company listing on the CREST website
•  Accredited modules listed on the website
•  Newly accredited modules promoted via social media
•  Speaking & discounted exhibiting opportunities at CRESTCon, CREST’s flagship conference*
•  An opportunity to promote spaces on accredited modules in Script
•  Display of Approved Training Provider logo
•  CREST Accredited Training logo in the promotion of their successfully assessed Modules

How it works
Membership must be renewed on an annual basis, with a full application re-submitted every 3 years. The annual renewal is a simplified company questionnaire with confirmation that the information previously supplied has not changed.

Training Provider process 1

If an exam syllabus is changed by CREST then all training providers will be informed.  If the training provider’s accredited modules are for one of the changed or updated exam syllabus areas the training provider will need to re-submit its updated training modules by the next annual membership renewal in order for it to remain as an accredited module on the CREST website.
Training Provider process 2

There is an application fee of £500 + VAT to become an Approved Training Provider which is payable on application submission.  This fee is a one-off charge.

The Annual Membership fee, payable on successful company membership application, is £2,000 + VAT and this fee is subject to review annually.

There is no fee for module submission thereafter and modules can be submitted at any time during a Provider’s membership.

How to apply
Should you wish to apply to become an Approved Training Provider, please contact [email protected].  You will then be provided with login details to our membership portal. Once you login you will be able to apply to become an Approved Training Provider, as well as all other CREST disciplines.

CREST Approved Training Providers
Bob’s Business
Cyberskills Training
Firebrand Training Ltd
Immersive Labs
PGI Cyber Academy
Rangeforce Inc
Samurai Digital Security
Selution AG
Telefónica Cybersecurity & Cloud Tech SL
Zero-Point Security Ltd

*Speaking & discounted exhibiting opportunities are limited and on a first come first served basis