CREST Focus Groups

CREST Focus Groups are established to help with CREST’s continual monitoring of best practice in penetration testing, threat intelligence, incident response and SOC.  They also aid CREST in the development of its accreditation and certification requirements, ensuring that they remain fit for purpose and keep abreast of technological advancements.  They also allow provide a sector specific focus for members and offer the opportunity for them to benefit from purposeful networking opportunities.  If you are interested in learning more about the activities of these Focus Groups, please email [email protected]

Current CREST Focus Groups

CREST Senior Advisory Panel

CREST Penetration Testing Focus Group

CREST Incident Response Focus Group

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CREST Threat Intelligence Professionals (CTIPs)


CREST Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing Focus Group

Icon_SOC_2018 CREST Security Operations Centre (SOC) Focus Group

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us on [email protected]