CREST has been active in the European Union for many years and supports companies and individuals in Europe, the Middle East and Africa.  CREST is committed to the EU market and works closely with its members there creating a truly global cyber security organisation.

CREST has Chapters across Australasia, North America and Southeast Asia as well as in the United Kingdom and is a truly international body, accrediting organisations and certifying individuals around the world.  Our objectives are to build capability, capacity and consistency in the global cyber security industry and to work with governments, regulators, buyers and suppliers around the world and to develop and support internationally recognised schemes. These goals help to enhance cyber resiliency and open up markets for our member companies and opportunities for qualified individuals. We have a global viewpoint and our strategy has been to arm the global cyber security industry with the skills, knowledge and competency to address what is truly an international threat.

Company Membership
CREST International membership is based on a formal accreditation process. This process has been assessed and deemed suitable for allowing members access to relevant international Government and Regulator cyber security services schemes. There are domestic and sector specific requirements included in some schemes and these are all built into the membership accreditation process. CREST International offers a full range of disciplines to the EU market:

  • Penetration Testing
  • Incident Response
  • Threat Intelligence
  • Security Operations Centres

These are proving to be of significant interest to buyers in the region and further information on the requirements for each of them is available here.

Contact: [email protected] with any questions about Membership and becoming CREST Accredited.

CREST European Union Council

CREST EU is managed by a Council of elected member company representatives and the Chair of CREST EU will represent our European Union members on the CREST International Council. Their details can be found here.

When an appropriate volume of members have been accredited in the Middle East and Africa, Councils will be set up in these regions as well.