CREST Penetration Testing Focus Group



The Focus Group is open to all members accredited to the Penetration Testing discipline and its purpose is to be both reactive and proactive.  The Focus Group will:

It has Terms of Reference for its Sub-Committee and a formal process for their elections.  Members of the Sub-Committee are:

Tom Ellson – Jumpsec Ltd
Mathew Ettelaie – KPMG LLP
Roy Hills – Intertek-NTA
Phil Lynch – Nettitude Ltd
Andrew Mason – Pentest People Ltd
Rob McElvanney – Deloitte Touche Tomatsu Ltd
Richard Mead – F-Secure Cyber Security Ltd [Vice-Chair]
Gemma Moore – Cyberis Ltd [Chair and CREST GB Executive Lead]
Rob Nicholls – Context Information Security Ltd
Peter Penn – Coalfire Ltd
Abhijeet Udas – NCC Group Ltd

To get involved in this Focus Group, please email [email protected]

Guides and Reports
A Guide for Running an Effective Penetration Testing Programe