CREST Security Operations Centre (SOC) Focus Group


The Focus Group is open to all members accredited to the Security Operations Centre (SOC) discipline and its purpose is to be both reactive and proactive.  The Focus Group will:

The SOC Focus Group has Terms of Reference that include a formal process of elections to its Sub-Committee.  However, unlike the other CREST Focus Groups currently, the SOC Focus Group Sub-Committee composition is based on the predominance of office locations within the member companies accredited to the discipline.  As such there are four representatives from member companies based in the EMEA Region (ie. Europe, Middle East or Africa) and two representatives from member companies based in the Asia and/or Australasia Regions. The Sub-Committee members, based on this criteria, are:

EMEA Region:
Leigh Collett – Accenture [Chair]
Max Garaffa – Jumpsec Ltd
Kris Mitchell – Socura Ltd
Jamie Roderick – Nettitude Ltd

Asia/Australasia Region:
Julian Brownlow Davies – Slipstream Cyber [Vice-Chair]
Ramesh Naidu – Vigilant Asia Sdn Bhd

The geographic allocations will be reviewed in September 2022 to ensure they remain fit for purpose particularly as currently there are no accredited SOC members in the Americas.

To get involved in this Focus Group, please email [email protected]