CREST Threat Intelligence Professionals

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CTIPs aims to improve the practice and the perception of Cyber Threat Intelligence by providing a representative body for the sector.

CREST Threat Intelligence Professionals (CTIPs) is one of CREST International’s Focus Groups and established to represent Cyber Threat Intelligence (CTI) practitioners and providers.  Membership is open to all members of the CREST threat intelligence membership discipline.  It has Terms of Reference which include the election of a Sub-Committee which is responsible for the strategic direction of the Group within CREST.

The members of the CTIPs Sub-Committee are:

Oliver Church – Orpheus Cyber Ltd [Chair and CREST GB Executive Lead]
Rob Dartnall – Security Alliance Ltd [Vice-Chair]
Oliver Fairbank – Orpheus Cyber Ltd
Oliver Fay – Context Information Security Ltd
Andy Flood – Nettitude Ltd
Matt Hull – NCC Group Ltd
Luca Berni – PwC (Hong Kong)
Jason Smart – PwC (Australia)

To get involved in this Focus Group, please email [email protected]

Guides and Reports
A Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence:  CREST Guide to Cyber Threat Intelligence

A guide to finding the right cyber threat intelligence partner:  Cyber Threat Intelligence in a business context

A report into how Global Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing Frameworks are perceived and might be improved:  Assessment of Global Intelligence Led Penetration Test Frameworks