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infosecskillslogoCourse Title: Intrusion Analysis and Digital Forensics Essentials (IADFE)
Course Length:  5 days
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Useful preparation for:  CREST Registered Intrusion Analyst

CREST Overview
The course material suggests that candidates complete the course modules and attempt the examination within a three-month period. Multiple study options are available.

The course quality is good and is structured in a manner which closely follows the CREST syllabus.  It covers each section in detail and discusses every topic in reasonable depth, highlighting to candidates whether the topic will be assessed in Multiple Choice or in Practical. The online supporting material is also good, with quizzes and feedback provided on all answers (right or wrong).  Previous CRIA candidates believe that the practical topics too are relevant and appropriate.

In conclusion, candidates who complete this course will gain a good grounding in all of the CREST CRIA syllabus requirements.

About the Course
The course is the first cross discipline course of its’ kind that covers the essential knowledge and skills needed for intrusion detection, incident handling, computer/network forensics and malware reverse engineering.

The course consists of seven modules with practical exercises throughout which range from how to detect an attack, how to handle it, how to trace and acquire the evidence, investigate, analyse and re-construct the incident whilst presenting key tools and techniques used for analyzing malicious programs.