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The following training provider has had their corporate training processes, policies and procedures successfully assessed against the CREST criteria for the Approved Training Provider discipline but has not yet submitted any training modules.

In.security is a specialist cyber security consultancy, helping organisations around the world identify, assess and mitigate risk.

Our unparalleled suite of technical security services and training enables organisations to be resilient, adapt to change, provide peace of mind and stay secure.

We provide a suite of technical services including:

  • Penetration testing
  • Vulnerability assessments
  • Phishing assessments
  • Active Directory password audits
  • Build reviews

We also provide technical hands-on training for both penetration testers and network defenders, as well as free cyber awareness training for management.

Contact: In.security
E: [email protected]

T: +44 (0)333 210 1337

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  • Contact: In.security