BCC Risk Advisory Ltd (edgescan)



Address: Unit 701 Northwest Business Park
Telephone: +353 1681 5330
Email: [email protected]
Website: https://www.edgescan.com
Contact: Eoin Keary

edgescan is a SaaS based fullstack vulnerability management service which provides continuous and on demand vulnerability assessment, metrics and intelligence.

With global clients from SME’s to Multinationals edgescan helps organisations both maintain cyber security visibility, track risks and deliver both technical and compliance related reporting.

edgescan also integrates with DevSecOps environments via our open API to provide run-time assessment on demand.


Penetration Testing

Contact: Rahim Jina
+353 8783 98528
[email protected]

edgescan provide continuous SaaS based vulnerability management and penetration testing combined.  edgescan provides fullstack false positive free assessments to clients globally and delivers deep penetration testing when required to compliment its fullstack vulnerability intelligence SaaS.  With deep metrics, alerting, reporting on-demand edgescan scales in terms of volume and frequency and keeps pace with modern systems development methodologies.

CREST Qualified Consultants:
Practitioner Security Analysts:  No
Registered Penetration Testers:  No
Certified Web Application Testers:  No
Certified Infrastructure Testers:  No
Wireless Specialists:  No