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Training Provider Scheme

About the Training Provider Scheme

We work with a number of training providers that support professionals who are working towards certain CREST certifications and examinations*. Courses and modules provided by Training Providers are designed for those who would like to acquire, maintain or extend their knowledge and capability.

How it works

We audit the quality procedures, data handling processes and course review criteria of Approved Training Providers for the provision of information assurance or cyber security training. We do not audit the content of the courses themselves.

To become an Approved Training Provider, providers must ensure that their training course or module(s) are signed off by an individual that holds the same qualification or higher in the discipline.

This sign-off must include confirmation that:

  1. the modules/course covers some or all components of the CREST syllabus for the CREST examination; and
  2. the module/course is appropriate for the level at which specific subject areas are taught and can act as an aid to study towards the CREST examination

Membership must be renewed on an annual basis, with a full application re-submitted every 3 years. The annual renewal is a simplified company questionnaire with confirmation that the information previously supplied has not changed.

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£500 + VAT

Payable on submission of Approved Training Provider application.  This fee is a one-off charge.

£2,000 + VAT

The Annual Membership fee, payable on successful company membership application, is £2,000 + VAT. This fee is subject to review annually.

Organisations applying to become Approved Training Providers are eligible for two charges. The first is a one-off charge of £500 + VAT which is payable on submission of an application. If the application successful then an annual membership fee of £2,000 + VAT is payable, subject to review annually.  


Participation in any training course is no guarantee of a pass in the requisite examination and CREST is not responsible for any failure to pass a CREST examination. CREST has not audited or reviewed the course or module(s) of Approved Training Providers and is not liable for the content of any course or module(s).