There is an acute shortage of skilled individuals in the technical information assurance community.  This drives the need to encourage the brightest youth into this sector to support demand in the industry and the growth of member companies.

CREST recognises the need for professional development programmes.  We work closely with e-Skills to help develop occupational standards, and with others to development learning pathways into the sector and assist training course providers a structure to develop courses.

Academic Partners
CREST has been working with academia as part of its Academic Partnership Programme.  The aims of this Programme are to support relevant Universities to encourage the best people into the industry, develop real and tangible links with business and to provide real employment opportunities for graduates.

Student Membership
Learn about the benefits of CREST Student membership and inclusion in the CREST community to augment your studies.

Cyber Security for Business
Businesses, students and cyber security professionals alike will be interested in the UK Government’s Guide on how to get involved with skills, knowledge and capability initiatives.  Click here for more information.

CREST Accredited Training Courses
CREST has assessed and accredited a number of externally provided training courses as aligning with a CREST examination syllabus. Find out more about these courses.

Find out how to get your training course assessed

CREST recognizes that there are few differentiators in the IA recruitment marketplace. As a result we are working with a number of specialist technical information recruitment companies who have formed the Confederation of Ethical Recruiters in Information Security.

IISP Accredited Training
CREST works closely with IISP in the delivery of a number of key projects within the area of Information Assurance.