What is Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing?

Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing are the assurance of critical functions that are likely to be subject to sophisticated and persistent attack.

CREST Simulated Target Attack and Response (STAR) intelligence-led penetration tests use threat intelligence to deliver these attack simulations to provide assurance that organisations have appropriate countermeasures and responses to detect and prevent cyber-attack.  The tests are carried out by experienced penetration testing providers on all types of organisations and are considered to be the most realistic form of assurance service within the sector.  This is combined with a review of the company’s ability to recognise and react to cyber security related attacks.

A company must first be accredited to the CREST Penetration Testing discipline before applying for accreditation to STAR Intelligence-Led Penetration Testing.  Companies must also have at least one consultant holding a current CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester qualification.