What is Threat Intelligence?

Threat Intelligence is defined as contextualised output of a strategically driven process of collection and analysis of information pertaining to the identities, goals, motivations, tools and tactics of malicious entities intending to harm or undermine a targeted organisation’s operations, ICT systems or the information flowing through them.  Threat Intelligence is used to carry out specialised penetration testing to deliver highly targeted attacks against organisations to simulate sophisticated threat actors.

Companies seeking accreditation to the CREST STAR Threat Intelligence discipline must have at least one consultant holding a current CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager qualification.

CREST has produced a guide to Threat Intelligence which provides practical advice on the practice and procurement of cyber threat intelligence services.  It outlines the key concepts and principles that underpin cyber threat intelligence, along with the ways in which organisations use cyber threat intelligence to prevent, detect and respond to potential cyber security incidents.  You can download a copy here:
CREST Guide to Threat Intelligence