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CREST and Hack The Box launch CREST certification-aligned penetration testing training labs  

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18 January 2023

CREST, the international not-for-profit cyber security accreditation and certification body, and Hack The Box, a leading disruptive cybersecurity training and upskilling platform, have launched a new training pathway available at Hack The Box’s platforms, that aim to support cybersecurity professionals studying CREST penetration testing and red teaming exams. The full suite of labs and boxes will be available to CREST member companies at a reduced cost, while the CREST certification aligned labs will be provided free to CREST members, through the CREST members’ programme.  

Rowland Johnson, President of CREST, says: “Through the new training labs, Hack The Box is giving our members and the wider community access to an innovative and interactive approach to studying for their CREST penetration testing exams – and also their overall skills and competency development.” 

“The new HTB Labs are aligned to CREST’s internationally recognised examination framework. Every level – from entry to advanced – is being made available to the vast Hack The Box and CREST communities. This partnership means CREST accredited member companies get free access to entry-level labs and can access a wider set of labs, at a reduced cost.  This gives them better access to CREST exam training and also helps build a greater sense of community across our global membership.” 

CREST worked with Hack The Box to map its content against CREST exams and create fully bespoke CREST labs. Pathways for CREST Practitioner Security Analyst (CPSA) and CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT) are available from today.  CREST Certified Infrastructure Tester (CCT INF), CREST Certified Web Application Tester (CCT APP) and CREST Certified Simulated Attack Specialist (CCSAS) training pathways will be available in the new year. 

“It has been great working with the CREST team and its members to develop a dedicated CREST training pathway,” said Nikos Fountas, Director of Operations at Hack The Box. “The labs will allow experiential hands-on training towards CREST certifications, featured in Hack The Box’s innovative gamified, and fully intuitive platform to improve learning outcomes. Using the Hack The Box platform, people will be better able to get prepared and assess whether they are ready to take and pass the CREST exams. In the first phase of the project, CREST members will be able to work on pathways that have been mapped on CPSA and CRT exams. More pathways will be provided along the way of this long-term partnership.” 

CREST certifications are recognised worldwide by the professional services industry and buyers as being the best indication of knowledge, skills, and competence. They are increasingly a mandated requirement for those hiring or buying services. 

About CREST 

CREST is a not-for-profit accreditation and certification body representing the technical information security industry. CREST provides internationally recognised accreditations for organisations providing technical security services and professional level certifications for individuals providing vulnerability assessment, penetration testing, cyber incident response, threat intelligence, and security operations centre (SOC) services. CREST Member companies undergo regular and stringent assessment, whilst CREST certified individuals undertake rigorous examinations to demonstrate the highest levels of knowledge, skill and competence. To ensure currency of knowledge in fast changing technical security environments the certification process is repeated every three years.  

For more information on CREST: www.crest-approved.org 

For media inquiries contact: Allie Andrews, +44 (0) 1442 245030, [email protected] 

About Hack The Box 

Hack The Box is a global, online cybersecurity training, upskilling, and certification platform that allows individuals, businesses, and universities to level up their offensive and defensive security skills in a gamified and engaging learning environment, backed by a growing community of more than 1,5 million platform members. 

For more information on Hack The Box: www.hackthebox.com