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Training Provider Programme

Overview of the CREST Training Provider Programme

CREST represents the gold standard in professional certifications within the cyber security sector, globally acknowledged as evidence of outstanding knowledge, skills, and competence.

In our mission to support individuals in their examination preparation and professional growth, we collaborate with training providers categorised into three distinct types:

CREST Training Partners: Catering to those aspiring to achieve CREST certifications, our Training Partners specialise in trainers that deliver high-quality education in person or virtually that aligns specifically to the CREST exam syllabuses.

CREST Practice Lab Partners: Tailored for individuals eager to refine their offensive and defensive skills in preparation for exams, Practice Lab Partners offer hands-on training content through a curated pathway of practice labs that complement CREST exams.

Cyber Training Providers: Designed for individuals seeking general knowledge expansion beyond CREST examinations, Cyber Training Providers contribute to our foundational goal of bolstering industry capability and capacity. These providers have gone through the CREST review process but have not asked to be assessed for alignment to CREST exams specifically.

Quality, Trust, and Assurance

By selecting a training provider endorsed by CREST, you are assured of engaging with an institution that has undergone a detailed evaluation. This assurance means that you can trust in receiving a quality training experience, empowering you to move forward in your professional growth with confidence.

Certification levels and development approach

Certification LevelTraining Style
Practitioner: Foundation level, competent to conduct routine assignments under supervision. Aimed at those with ~2.5k hours (~2 years) experience.*Suitable for intensive training aimed at improving or providing fundamental knowledge, locking in the theory in support of the practical experience expectation.
Registered: Intermediate level, competent to work independently without supervision and with limited sign-off. Aimed at those with ~6k+ hours (~3+ years) experience.*Suitable for focused development aimed at augmenting existing knowledge and skills acquired through the practical experience expectation.
Certified: Advanced level, competent to run and sign off major projects. Aimed at those with ~10k+ hours (~5+ years) experience.*Suitable for sessions aimed at consolidating knowledge and skills, and assisting candidates to identify any gaps or weaknesses.

* these are guidance only and individuals may reach the requisite standard earlier or later than these estimates

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