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Our CyberTech Talks podcast is a new channel from CREST that will deliver insight, ideas and thought leadership to drive engagement with member companies, industry professionals, stakeholders and the global cyber security community generally. Episodes are due to be released fortnightly and will cover a range of topics from those focusing on technical matters to those discussing developments in the cyber security industry. The CyberTech Talks podcast is available on most platforms.

Ep 1 – The Borderless World of Cyber Crime with Greg Francis & Rob Harris

In this episode, you’ll hear from Greg Francis, a Cyber Crime Prevention Specialist and Rob Harris, a Cyber Crime Subject Matter Expert and Consultant. With their law enforcement backgrounds, they talk about the landscape of cyber crime today, how you can’t ‘police’ it in the traditional way and they break down the UK 4P strategy (to Protect, Prepare, Prevent and Pursue).

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Ep 2 – The Value of Cyber Non-Profits with Tom Brennan & Tony Sager

In this episode, you’ll hear from Tom Brennan, Executive Director of CREST Americas & Tony Sager, Senior Vice President and Chief Evangelist for CIS® (The Center for Internet Security). Tom and Tony tell us the story of how they met, how they got into this sector and why non-profits are so valuable in the cyber ecosystem. Both CREST and CIS are members of Nonprofit Cyber, a coalition of global non-profit organisations to enhance joint action to improve cybersecurity.

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Ep 3 – Analysing a Country’s Cyber Security Ecosystem with Nigel Harrison & Katy Caie

Nigel Harrison MBE and Katy Caie MA talk about their involvement in CMAGE and their insight into some of the ‘stand out’ aspects of the CMAGE approach to cyber security maturity assessments. CMAGE stands for Cyber Security Maturity Assessment of the Global Ecosystem and was developed by CREST International and funded by a grant from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to enable an overall assessment on a nation’s cyber security posture.

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Ep 4 – How Penetration Testing Reporting is Evolving with Shaun Peapell & Tom Ellson

In this episode, we hear from penetration testing experts Shaun Peapell (Vice President Global Threat Services, Rootshell Security) and Tom Ellson (Head of Offensive Security, JUMPSEC) as they discuss reporting – why it’s an important aspect of penetration testing, where it’s at currently and how they see it evolving.

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Ep 5 – Bitlocker Ransomware Prevention, Detection and Response with Zaza Handy & Jan-Eric Herting

Zaza Handy and Jan-Eric Herting, Senior Digital Forensics and Incident Response Consultants from NTT, discuss ransomware trends, the re-emerging threat of Bitlocker and how to prevent, detect and respond to a Bitlocker ransomware attack.

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Ep 6 – Neurodiversity in the Cyber Security Workplace

Nathan Chung, Kassandra Pierre, Lisa Ventura, Edd Hardy and Stephanie discuss their experiences with neurodiversity and working in cyber, why people are often diagnosed later in life, what you can do as a manager to support your team and why creating a more inclusive work environment is beneficial to all.

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