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Our Vision


CREST is an international not-for-profit, membership body representing the global cyber security industry.

Since 2006 we have been leading the cyber security community to collectively raise the standards of cyber service providers and professionals, quality assuring the sector and in turn providing confidence to the buying community, government and regulators.

We have over 370 accredited member companies against a rigorous standard, operating across dozens of countries. We also certify thousands of professionals worldwide putting them through their paces in industry leading examinations. We collaborate with governments, regulators, academia, training partners, professional bodies and other stakeholders around the world.

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CREST builds capability, capacity, consistency and collaboration in the global cyber security industry through services that nurture, measure and enhance the performance of individuals and organisations.

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Breaking down our mission

Capability – We develop and measure the capability of the cyber security industry.


Capacity – We work across the industry to grow the pipeline of cyber security expertise.


Consistency – We set global standards for cyber security organisations to deliver a consistently high quality of service.


Collaboration We develop and engage with the global cyber security community to leverage our shared knowledge and capabilities for the benefit of all.

Our professional certifications

Global reach

CREST supports cyber security eco-systems across the globe, understanding that we are only as strong as our weakest link. Achieving our mission to elevate capacity and capability globally means driving standards consistently everywhere. Those that we are defending ourselves against do not respect national borders and so we must work together to harmonise approaches and leave no gaps between us to be exploited.

CREST has a presence in all regions of the world, overseen by a geographically representative International Council and supported by regional councils in the Americas, Asia, Australasia, EMEA and the UK.

Our international structure