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Government & Regulators


We work with regulators to deliver sector aligned frameworks targeting financial services, telecommunications and critical national infrastructure sectors.

In addition, we work with governments to implement cross-sector initiatives focused on developing standards across a whole country or region.

• Raising the level of capability of companies delivering services in the country
• Building and developing local talent pools
• Providing both import and export opportunities
• Providing a framework for buyers to make informed buying decisions against
• Defining supplier pools for government and regulators to engage with and develop public/private partnerships
• Delivering greater consistency for cross border services
• Providing a conduit to deliver local initiatives across the technical cyber security market
• Building a framework for organizations to differentiate their specific areas of specialty
• Benchmarking against industry recognized international technical assurance capabilities
• Providing supply chain assurance
• Helping to protect the Critical National Infrastructure

Regional focus, global reach

Through our elected Regional Councils, we are actively engaged with authorities in each of our five regions: the Americas, Asia, Australasia, EMEA and the UK. Our project work has seen us engage with governments and regulators in African countries, in the Middle East and Asia.

Our Regional Councils ensure that members’ voices are represented in key discussions with government’s, regulators and other regional stakeholders. In this way members can help shape and support government policies and regulations relating to cyber security.

Members not only provide targeted, in-region support to governments and regulators, but we can draw upon the knowledge and expertise we have gained working with governments and regulators across several countries, and share these for the benefit of all.