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About CREST Fellowships

CREST Fellowships are the highest honour we can bestow on individuals in recognition of their achievements and/or contributions to the cyber security industry.

Fellowships are awarded annually by our Fellowship Award Panel comprising our President, The Chairs of our Regional Councils and our Directors. Fellowships are awarded for life.

Fellowships sit outside of our formal certifications framework and may be awarded to individuals who are distinguished by their work and professionalism in support of the development and maintenance of a particular cyber security discipline or disciplines over a continual period of five years or more.

They may also be awarded to people who have held a Certified level qualification for a continuous period of nine years or more. Additionally, we can award Fellowships to individuals in recognition of the services they have provided to CREST and whose association is of significant and sustained benefit to a cyber security discipline. 

Recipients can use their Fellowship title in personal and business activities and receive a personal invitation to attend CRESTCons and to engage in other events. Fellows may also act in an advisory capacity, as appropriate.

Nomination procedure

Nominations for Fellowship awards will be opened twice a year at a time agreed by the Fellowship Award Panel. We remind member companies prior to the agreed dates for nominations.

Individuals can be nominated by a third party. For the avoidance of doubt, such parties include, but are not limited to our Regional Councils, any CREST certification holder and any member company’s primary point of contact.

When submitting a nomination, as much relevant information as possible should be provided to assist the Award Panel in making an informed judgement on the merits of the nomination received.

Nominations should include

  • Background on the nominee (name, position (if held/appropriate), Company (if appropriate), contact details;
  • Detailed description of what the individual has done to merit the Award (no more than 750 words);
  • Any supporting material if relevant or appropriate.

The decision of the Award Panel will be final.

Members will be informed when the Fellowship Awards are open including details on submitting nominations. Fellows are announced at an event, normally held each autumn.