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About CREST Fellowships

Throughout an academic and scientific journey, we often find ourselves pushing the boundaries of knowledge, striving for excellence, and dedicating countless hours to research and a pursuit of knowledge. When the dedication, passion and commitment to our respective fields is recognized, the significance of this professional achievement can be truly recognised.

A CREST Fellowship represents not only a personal accolade but a testament to the support, encouragement, and collaboration of countless mentors, colleagues, and collaborators who enrich that journey, and it exemplifies a shared passion that drives a quest for knowledge and innovation.

A Fellowship comes with a responsibility to continue the pursuit of knowledge, and to mentor and inspire the next generation of consultants in the cyber security field. It is also a reminder that we are part of a larger community, one that is committed to advancing technology for the greater good.

Nomination procedure

Nominations for Fellowship awards will be opened twice a year at a time agreed by the Fellowship Award Panel. We remind member companies prior to the agreed dates for nominations.

Individuals must be nominated by a third party. For the avoidance of doubt, such parties include, but are not limited to our Regional Councils, any CREST certification holder and any member company’s primary point of contact.

When submitting a nomination, as much relevant information as possible should be provided to assist the Award Panel in making an informed judgement on the merits of the nomination received.

The decision of the Award Panel will be final.