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Bishop Fox

Bishop Fox is the leading authority in offensive security, providing solutions ranging from continuous penetration testing, red teaming, and attack surface management to product, cloud, and application security assessments.

We focus on offensive security because we believe securing modern organizations requires a “forwarddefense” approach that proactively uncovers and eliminates exposures before they are exploited. Our Cosmos platform and consulting engagements show you exactly where you are exposed, so you can have a true understanding of your security posture to make better, more informed decisions.

Our Cosmos 'Continuous Offensive Security Platform' proactively defends dynamic attack surfaces by combining advanced technology, automation, and expert-driven testing to continuously identify and help you remediate high-risk exposures and emerging threats.

Offensive Security Services:

  • Application Security
  • Cloud Security
  • IoT & Product Security
  • Network Security
  • Red Team & Ransomware Readiness
  • Amazon, Google & Meta Assessment Programs

Contact: Antonio Sousa
E: [email protected]

T: +1 720 421 2808

CREST Accreditations

Penetration Testing

Antonio Sousa
+1 720 421 2808
[email protected]

Application Security:
– Hybrid App Assessment
– Mobile App Assessment

Red Team & Readiness:
– Ransomware Simulations

IoT & Product Security

Cloud Security

Network Security:
– External Pen Testing
– Internal Pen Testing

Continuous Attack Surface Testing

Partner & Product Assessments:
– ioXt Alliance Testing & Certification
– Google Partner Assessments
– Google Cloud Application Security Assessment
– Google Mobile Application Security Assessment
– Google Alphabet VSA Assessments
– Nest Assessments
– Meta Assessments
– Amazon Alexa Assessments

CREST Qualified Consultants:

  • CREST Practitioner Security Analyst
  • CREST Registered Penetration Tester
  • Contact: Antonio Sousa