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Chaleit Services Ltd

A global, open, engaging, Cyber Security consultancy (as a service model); longer term, easy to procure, easy to consume, enduring relationships; built on quality, accessibility - simplicity at its heart. Our team is that of focus, openness & remarkable flexibility – a culture fusing together People, Clients, Trust & fabulous Intellectual Property. Chaleit is founded on a Client Success model of care & attention; providing Strategic Advisory, Expert Security Assessment & Technical Security Testing (Penetration Testing) Cyber Security Services. By structuring & delivering projects in unconventional ways, creating value at each stage of Consultancy and being commercially innovative, we put our Clients & People first.

Our mission is to grow a diverse group of Cyber Specialists respected by the Cyber Community & Industry alike. Led by a team who are free to innovate with their Clients, each other & the Cyber Community; to focus, specialise & provide serious attention to detail.

Contact: Jody Hyde
E: [email protected]

T: 07748991407

CREST Accreditations

Penetration Testing

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If your enterprise is searching for a collaborative approach to Cybersecurity that creates exceptional risk reduction, put Chaleit between cyber security concerns and you.

The industry is recognising that with ever expanding technology stacks, you can’t “Scan” or Penetration Test your way to security. Critically, only doing it once a year or ad-hoc leaves large gaps in a stack that’s continually changing. We resolved the age-old problems associated with the Penetration Testing Consultancy playbook, and wrote our own.

  • Contact: Jody Hyde