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As a specialized Managed Detection and Response (MDR) organization, CyBourn is committed to shielding businesses, governments, employees, and consumers from cyber threats. We stand out through our distinctive approach of integrating threat intelligence, event monitoring, and security analytics into business optimization strategies, all designed to enhance security postures.

Our Security Operations Center (SOC) in Bucharest operates as the central hub of advanced monitoring services and threat detection capabilities, underpinned by expert business risk assessments. It is here that we orchestrate quick and effective Incident Responses, and conduct advanced Threat Hunting, ensuring a fortified line of defense against cyber threats. This operation is complemented by our R&D facility in Naples and a global sales operation in Washington D.C.

Complementing our SOC operations is the Dream Lab, the development ground for our EtherLast™ XDR platform. Created in-house, this tool integrates smoothly with multiple network touchpoints, facilitating continual SecurityLifecycle Management and offering protection against unknown threats and zero-day exploits.

EtherLast™ merges the functionalities of established SIEM, SOAR, and Case Management platforms, providing a streamlined solution for the increasing complexities and costs associated with managing prevalent security platforms in today's market.

Key features of EtherLast™ include Advanced Threat Detection, Human-led Incident Response, and Automation and Orchestration capabilities. It's designed to adapt to custom infrastructures, offering extensive integrations with a wide range of existing tools, along with built-in Threat Intelligence to address zero-day exploit indicators.

Moreover, CyBourn offers comprehensive Cybersecurity Consulting and Compliance services, guiding businesses through the complex landscape of regulatory requirements and security control establishment. Our approach encompasses Governance, Risk Consulting, Gap Analyses, Security Audits, Vulnerability Assessments, and Penetration Testing, aligning businesses with both regulatory standards and accepted frameworks.

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CyBourn’s Extended Detection and Response Service maintains seamless integration with our clients’ IT infrastructure and processes. We deliver optimum levels of hardware and software integration, enabling analysts to rapidly detect threats. Our incident handling process ensures that threat mitigation activity commences immediately following identification.Data ingested by CyBourn’s Security Operations Center (SOC) is analysed and is either tested for anomalies or queried for new threat intelligence indicators. All data ingested by the CyBourn SOC is subjected to anomalous activity testing and checked for new threat intelligence indicators. CyBourn’s innovative approach incorporates real-time threat intelligence within daily operations, ensuring high levels of preparedness at any given time using CyBourn’s Etherlast platform.

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