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Eleks Software UK Ltd

ELEKS is the partner of choice for many of the world’s leading enterprises and technology companies. With more than 2,000 experts across Europe, the US and Canada, ELEKS helps businesses elevate their value through custom software development, product design, QA and consultancy services.

Featured services and areas of expertise:

  • Product Design
  • Full-Cycle Custom Software and Application Development
  • Security Advisory Services
  • PoC Development and Feasibility Study
  • Data Science
  • Blockchain Solutions
  • Capacity Services and Smart Teams

Company facts:

  • 150+ active client accounts
  • 69 Net Promoter Score
  • 700+ end-to-end projects delivered
  • In business since 1991
  • More than 2000 employees as of October 2022
  • Headquartered in Tallinn, Estonia, we have offices in Chicago, Las Vegas, London, Krakow, Split, Toronto, Berlin, Ajman, Zürich, Tokyo, Al Jubail and Ukraine.

Contact: Iurii Garasym
E: [email protected]

T: +48690793070

CREST Accreditations

Penetration Testing

Iurii Garasym
[email protected]

ELEKS Security Testing Services aiming to discover existing vulnerabilities in order to prevent security breaches in your organization. This is achieved with a comprehensive range of security testing activities provided by ELEKS. As the result of the testing performed you get a complete overview of vulnerabilities along with their criticality, proof of existence, description of potential impact and recommendations for remediation. Our certified experts have the hands-on experience to help you spot and address the weak spots, executing one or more of the following activities:

  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Code review / SAST (Static Application Security Testing)
  • DAST (Dynamic Application Security Testing)
  • Black-/Grey-/White-box Penetration testing
  • Contact: Iurii Garasym