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RedHunt Labs is founded by industry veterans with over a decade of experience in providing cyber security consulting and attack surface management (ASM). We have worked with some of the largest blue chip companies as well as funded startups. Being an independent boutique company, we enable our customers to continuously discover and assess their security postures and provide advice and consultation in securing against adversaries.

Our team is actively engaged with the InfoSec community by contributing and speaking at global conferences such as BlackHat, DefCon etc. We strive to hire the best talent and have passion to deliver world class security for our clients.

Our current offerings are:
- Web Application and API Pentest
- External and Internal Network Pentest
- Mobile Application Pentest
- Cloud Security Testing
- Attack Surface Management (ASM)
- Continuous Vulnerability Management
- External Recon and Data Leak Monitoring

Contact: Sudhanshu Chauhan
E: [email protected]

T: +91-9971658929

CREST Accreditations

Penetration Testing

Sudhanshu Chauhan
[email protected]

We offer a suite of elite security testing services designed to safeguard your digital assets:

1. Web App Security Testing: Our service dives deep inside applications to identify complex vulnerabilities and keep you secure.
2. Mobile App Security Testing (Android & iOS): We specialize in pinpointing security flaws in mobile applications across Android and iOS platforms.
3. Network VAPT (Internal & External): Our VAPT service meticulously evaluates your network’s security, both internally and externally.
4. Continuous Security Testing: Dynamic and ongoing process of security testing to protect against the dynamic nature of cyber threats.
5. Attack Surface Monitoring: Continuous monitoring and analysis of your organization’s external digital footprint. We identify potential vulnerabilities in publicly accessible assets, offering insights to shield against external attacks.
6. Cloud Security Review: In-depth evaluation of your cloud infrastructure cloud configuration, with industry standards, thereby maintaining the security of your cloud.

  • Contact: Sudhanshu Chauhan