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Security Alliance

As a CREST and Bank of England (CBEST) approved supplier of cyber threat intelligence services, Security Alliance delivers against recognised frameworks with our team of seasoned cyber intelligence professionals and experienced penetration testers.

With a global understanding of the hybrid and complex cyber threat landscape, Security Alliance combines the capabilities of its internal team with some of the world’s leading intelligence and penetration testing service providers.

We combine the field-experience of our highly-trained intelligence staff with the deep specialisations of penetration testers, to bring you the highest quality services, designed and delivered by experts.

Contact: Rob Dartnall
E: [email protected]

T: +44 (0) 7736 727 628

CREST Accreditations

Other Accreditations

Cyber Threat Intelligence (STAR)

Security Alliance is a Cyber Threat Intelligence consultancy. We fuse together our intelligence analytical team with our technical and testing capability to create detailed, comprehensive and easy consumable cyber intelligence services including:

  • CREST STAR Threat Assessments
  • STAR-FS Threat Assessments
  • CBEST assessments
  • GBEST Assessments
  • Cyber threat assessments
  • Cyber threat monitoring
  • Intelligence research and training
  • Threat Intelligence Platform (Threat Monitoring)
  • Digital Risk Protection
  • Threat Intelligence Sharing Communities & Platforms
  • VIP Target Packs

We use conventional and well established intelligence methodologies to provide a complete understanding of client specific, ‘intelligence based scenarios of the cyber environment’.

To find out more about our Cyber Threat Intelligence Services, please click here

CREST Qualified Consultants:

  • CREST Registered Threat Intelligence Analyst
  • CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager
  • CREST Practitioner Threat Intelligence Analyst

Threat Intelligence Service Types:

  • Subscriptions: Bespoke Reports
  • Subscriptions: Analyst Access
  • Subscriptions: Custom Dashboards
  • Subscriptions: Data Feeds

Threat Intelligence Collection Sources:

  • Open Source
  • Sourced from Dark Web data
  • Sourced from Deep Web data
  • Sourced from Technical Reconnaissance
  • Sourced from incident response
  • Adversary Tracking


Rob Dartnall
+44 (0)20 7148 7475
[email protected]

More details on our services

  • Contact: Rob Dartnall


Careers at SecAlliance

SecAlliance was formed in 2007, is a CREST registered company and a CREST approved supplier of cyber threat intelligence and penetration testing services. But behind our certifications, our great advantage is the quality of our people. Our Cyber Fusion Team is made up of seasoned cyber intelligence professionals, who are empowered to maintain a global understanding of the hybrid and complex threat landscape through collaboration with some of the world's leading intelligence and risk-based security providers. As a dedicated and specialist CTI provider you will be surrounded by CTI experts. Our Teams are broken down across different capability and specialist areas with each team compromising of people from all sorts of backgrounds. From different counties to languages, Computer Scientists to Geologists, and War Studies to Political Studies. We recognise you, for you. Your brilliance, hard work and passions. If you are looking to join an organisation that will invest in your career development and are interested in a career at SecAlliance, please get in touch by sending an email with your CV to [email protected] and let us know why you think you could add value to the SecAlliance team.