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Zitec is one of the leading providers of Custom Software solutions, eCommerce products, Cloud Computing, and Digital Marketing services on the European IT market, with offices in Romania and the UK. The company counts 300+ technology experts and certified specialists, consisting of Software Engineers, Designers, QA Engineers, Cloud Consultants, DevOps Engineers, Security Specialists or Digital Marketing Specialists.

Founded in 2003, the company is a strategic IT partner for global companies. Zitec is Google Cloud Premier Partner, Microsoft Application Development, Microsoft Gold Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS Technology Partner, Adobe Solution Bronze Partner, VTEX Commerce Cloud Partner, and Meta Business Partner.

Zitec’s capabilities cover all aspects of a project, from ideation to implementation, scale, and continuous improvement. They invest in informed technology management and boast 700+ successfully delivered projects for clients in Western Europe, US, Romania, and Middle East, operating in industries such as Fintech, Tourism, Education, Retail & Distribution, and eCommerce.

Contact: Lucian Andrei
E: [email protected]

T: +40726694832

Accredited Services

Penetration Testing

Lucian Andrei
[email protected]

Web Application Penetration Testing – aims to discover security vulnerabilities and issues in web applications and services; improper security controls configured such as Authorization, Authentication, and Input Validation are usually a cause of security threats.

API Penetration Testing – methods and functionalities exposed by APIs servers are tested against security vulnerabilities.

Mobile Application Penetration Testing – mobile applications are tested at the application level, as well as at the web backend infrastructure; the most important vulnerabilities concerning data protection, data storage, or network communications are highlighted.

Cloud Penetration Testing – The tester is granted access to cloud infrastructure and adopts all the current security policies and elevates privileges in order to obtain the highest level of access.

Active Directory Penetration Testing – The tester receives access inside an internal AD-based network infrastructure as a user with limited access rights and discovers technical paths to elevate privileges and get the highest level of control(e.g. Domain-Admin).

  • Contact: Lucian Andrei