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CREST is a Founding Member of Nonprofit Cyber, a new and unique global coalition of not-for-profit organisations dedicated to improving cyber security.

Nonprofit Cyber, which launched today, has been formed to enhance coordinated and joint working between not-for-profit organisations like CREST.

Initially, Nonprofit Cyber will focus on two priorities: building awareness of the work of cyber security not-for-profit organisations globally and aligning their work to achieve the greatest effect.

As it grows the coalition’s work will include:

The initial Co-Chairs are Philip Reitinger, of the Global Cyber Alliance (GCA) and Tony Sager, at the Center for Internet Security (CIS).

The initial Executive Committee comprises:

The Co-Chairs and the Executive Committee will serve until February 2024.

Philip Reitinger, President and CEO of the GCA and Co-Chair of Nonprofit Cyber, said: “A large number of non-profits that focus on cybersecurity implementation are working within their own areas of action toward the joint goal of improving cyber security, but the lack of coordination and communication among them can lead to inefficiency and duplication of effort.

“Better communication and collaboration among these groups will enable programmatic and opportunistic action to improve cybersecurity.”

Rowland Johnson, President of CREST, said: “CREST and other not-for-profit organisations do a tremendous amount of work to support and drive improvements across the cyber security industry globally.

“We are proud to be a Founding Member of Nonprofit Cyber which will enable CREST and fellow coalition members to collaborate more effectively and leverage our collective efforts for the benefit of the entire cyber security industry.”

To find out more about Nonprofit Cyber visit https://nonprofitcyber.org/

Twitter: @NonprofitCyber