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CREST Certified Simulated Attack Manager

Following the recent update to the CREST Registered Penetration Tester (CRT) exam and our dedication to enhancing and updating our exams, we are excited to share that, in 2024, we will be implementing significant changes to this exam.

The upcoming changes will ultimately improve the overall exam experience. However, if you fall into one of the following categories, we encourage you to book and take the current exam as soon as possible to minimise the impact of the transition:

  • You’ve taken the exam before and are due to renew in the next 6 months or so; or
  • You’re planning a re-take, having attempted the exam before; or
  • You have been studying for the exam and are ready to take it

We will be keeping this webpage up to date and sharing detailed information on all the changes as and when they are ready.


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The CREST Certified Simulated Attack Manager (CCSAM) examination tests candidates’ knowledge and expertise in leading a team that specialises in Simulated Attacks. The candidate is expected to have a good breadth of knowledge in all areas of Simulated Attack and proven experience in managing incidents, penetration tests and simulated attack exercises. The exam will assess the candidate’s ability to conduct Simulated Attacks in a realistic, legal and safe manner, ensuring appropriate evidence is collated to provide the customer with actionable intelligence of organisational risks and failings while minimising the risks to the customer’s staff, data and systems.

Examination Format
The examination consists of two components and these are delivered at Pearson Vue centres:

  • multiple choice
  • written, comprising a selection of long form and scenario based questions that require detailed answers

Candidates are required to meet or exceed 70% in each section independently in order to pass the exam overall.  If a candidate fails an element, the entire examination must be retaken.

The examination is delivered in two parts (see Notes for Candidates) with Part 1 taken first and Part 2 must be taken within three months of Part 1.

You can download the following documents from the links below:

Syllabus for the CCSAM examination
Notes for Candidates to aid examination preparation

For costs and availability please refer to individual country booking.

Training Providers
In our mission to support individuals in their examination preparation and professional growth, we collaborate with training providers. Search for a Training Provider using our Training Provider Search.

Recommended Preparation Material
The CREST Assessors panel regularly identifies common themes and consolidates common questions and answers from candidates and from the industry in relation to the CREST certification examinations. Candidates are advised to familiarise themselves with these, although they are free to disregard them if they wish.

CREST recommends that candidates familiarise themselves with the content in our FAQS which have been created specifically for those attempting a practical examination.

The following material and media have been cited as helpful preparation for this examination by previous candidates:

Reading Material:
Targeted Cyber Attack (by Syngress)

Useful Information for Candidates
Details of the Logistics and Timings of CREST examinations can be found in the Examination Preparation pages for your country of choice
CREST’s Policy for Candidates requiring special arrangements including additional time to accommodate a medical condition (including examinations delivered via Pearson Vue.
Terms and Conditions for CREST Examinations (includes hard disk drive wiping policy)