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Hack The Box FAQS

How much of each CREST exam will be available?

Hack The Box is providing pathways for CPSA, CRT, CCT INF and CCT APP initially. CCSAS will be provided in the new year. More pathways will be provided in the future.

How do I register with Hack The Box?

Please contact Hack The Box directly: visit Hack The Box.

What is the difference between VIP+ and Enterprise and Community, Academy?

VIP+ provides access to self-guided learning platform (i.e., Boxes/VMs and Challenges) at app.hackthebox.com. Academy is the spin off project that provides guided learning through interactive training modules (academy.hackthebox.com). Enterprise is the B2B (for companies) platform of Hack The Box that provides companies with dedicated spaces, with advanced reporting and management capabilities. The Enterprise Platform provides both self-guided style training (Boxes/VMs) and guided-learning (Modules) at enterprise.hackthebox.com/

What if I just want community access to CREST?

Community members are able to have access to CREST pathways, however a monthly or annual subscription with Hack The Box is needed to access the content.

Can my company upgrade to a HTB corporate account?

Yes. Once you have submitted your initial form, a dedicated account manager from Hack The Box will reach out to you. There are also call to action buttons and forms within Hack The Box platforms offering the ability to upgrade.

What if I want to sign up to CREST Academy from a personal account?

This will be possible. All individuals can access CREST pathways on the community platforms of Hack The Box, but you would be required to purchase a subscription plan with Hack The Box.

Will using Hack The Box's Practice Labs fully prepare me for my exams?

CREST is committed to increasing access to training pathways for member companies and individuals. It is important that the platform is not used in isolation to achieve success in the CREST exams, and we encourage all candidates to broaden their research and preparation to give themselves the best chance of success. However, we do hope that this offering provides a solid starting point.