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Immersive Labs FAQS

How much of each exam will be available for the CREST funded options?

Immersive Labs is providing pathways for CREST Practitioner Threat Intelligence Analyst (CPTIA), CREST Registered Threat Intelligence Analyst (CRTIA) and CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager (CCTIM) examinations. More pathways will be provided in future. They will be available free of charge for 12 months.

Can the seats be shared?

No sharing of user accounts is allowed on the platform.

What email domain do I need to use to register?

When companies submit the registration form, they need to use a company email to verify they are part of the eligible accredited company. After that, and once the Labs are setup, the POC/admin can invite people with any email. It is important however to bear in mind the acceptable use policy and be mindful of any bad behaviour. 

How many seats can my organisation have?

The number of seats depends on your membership:

*Per region = 2 Seats
*Chapter = 1 seat
*Global = 5 seats

How long do the seats last for?

The free seats can be used up to 1 December 2023.

How does my company upgrade to an Immersive Labs corporate account?

Contact [email protected] for details. 

Do all users need to sign up for an Immersive Labs account to access CREST-funded Immersive Labs training?

Yes, everyone issued an access code will need to sign-up to the Immersive Lab platform.  

Will using Immersive Labs' Practice Labs fully prepare me for my exams?

CREST is committed to increasing access to training pathways for member companies and individuals. It is important that the platform is not used in isolation to achieve success in the CREST exams, and we encourage all candidates to broaden their research and preparation to give themselves the best chance of success. However, we do hope that this offering provides a solid starting point.