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Zitec Receives CREST Accreditation for its Pentesting Services 

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Zitec, one of the leading providers of custom software solutions, security and data protection services, cloud computing, and digital marketing services in the European IT market, with offices in Romania and the UK, has received the CREST accreditation for its pentesting services. 

The certification is a reflection of Zitec’s ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality cybersecurity services, proving the team’s expertise and proficiency. Through the accreditation, Zitec further strengthens its Security and Data Protection offering to its clients, confirming that its pentesting services are performed at the highest quality standards. 

“Zitec is one of a growing number of cyber security services companies that recognizes the benefits of CREST accreditation and its growing influence around the world,” said Rowland Johnson, President of CREST. “Zitec is now able to demonstrate that its penetration testing services have been validated to the highest standards by successfully going through the rigorous CREST accreditation process, covering business processes, data security, and testing methodologies. Congratulations on this achievement.” 

As a business with CREST certification, Zitec is also acknowledged for employing qualified professionals and exhibiting conformity to the highest industry-wide legal, ethical, and technical standards. This accreditation is proof that the penetration tests the company is running are backed by proper and up-to-date skills, strategies, and techniques to offer clients the best assessment of their cybersecurity posture. Additionally, the CREST accreditation is acknowledged globally, making it a valid certification for any company seeking to evaluate its security risks and the technical measures and processes developed to reduce or eliminate them through a cybersecurity partner. 

“We are delighted to receive the CREST certification, which is a milestone that shows our team’s ongoing commitment to providing the highest quality cybersecurity services. An experienced cybersecurity partner plays a critical role in improving an organization’s security posture in the context of increasingly sophisticated cyber attacks. With this trusted independent and international validation, our clients receive yet another confirmation of the expertise and high standard followed when delivering our services.” Adina Nichitean, Security and Data Protection Manager, Zitec.