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We were established in the UK in 2006 and CREST International was formed in 2015 to act as an umbrella organisation for our regions globally. We currently have chapters in the Americas, Asia, Australasia, Europe and the United Kingdom.

Our strategy is aligned to that of nurturing global capability, capacity, consistency and community in cyber security. It is not tied to any country specific agenda, but we support regions and countries to build their own chapters to service the needs of the local market.

Each region has a council of elected member company representatives who oversee the strategy and activities within the region. The chairs of each of these Regional Councils represent their region on the International Council.

The International Council comprises CREST President Rowland Johnson, the chairs of the five Regional Councils, five cyber security discipline representatives plus members of CREST Operating Executive.

CREST International offers central services in support of members, professionals, governments, regulators and other stakeholders as well as our International and Regional Councils. These services include accreditation, certification and examinations, governance, supporting business between members and the buying community, liaison with governments and regulators, marketing and communication support and much else.


Meet the International Council

Rowland Johnson


Rowland is focused on driving initiatives to deliver increased engagement across the 290+ CREST members and all CREST qualified individuals globally. He is responsible for working internationally with governments, regulators and other key industry stakeholders to build stronger technical cyber security ecosystems.

A former member of the CREST GB Executive, serving between 2014 and 2020, he has been a dedicated supporter of the organisation for many years. He was instrumental in CREST’s international growth, playing an integral role in the creation of CREST chapters in Singapore, USA and Hong Kong.

Rowland was a founding director of cyber security company Nettitude and oversaw its acquisition by Lloyd’s Register in 2018. Following the acquisition, he worked with the leadership team as a strategic advisor focusing on global growth.

Rowland has worked closely with international governments and regulators to bring about increased levels of capability in the Penetration Testing, Threat Intelligence, Incident Response and Security Operations Centre markets. He is able to talk about these from a government and strategy perspective as well as sharing real-world examples from what is seen in the field. Rowland presents at many international events and is a passionate cyber security leader that is actively trying to professionalise the industry.

Contact: [email protected]

Chathura Abeydeera

Representative, Intelligence-led Testing

Chathura is a Director in Cyber and Forensic practice of KPMG Australia and a highly technical cyber security practitioner with more than 15 years’ experience. He is a CREST Certified Tester and Assessor.

Chathura has extensive experience in managing and leading complex red and purple team assessments, penetration testing and cyber incident response engagements. He has worked with clients across the state and federal government, power and energy, technology, engineering, retail, education, telecommunication and financial services sectors.

Tom Brennan

US Council Chair

As Chair of the Americas Council, Tom works with government and commercial organizations to optimize our value as a cybersecurity accreditation body and industry standards advocate. His focus is the cybersecurity and infrastructure security agency’s 16 critical infrastructure sectors which are vital to US security, national economy and public health and safety.

He spearheads strategic plans for our organizational growth while also serving as an industry evangelist and educator on the value of using accredited cybersecurity products and professionals to improve consumer privacy, security and protections worldwide.

Tom is a US Marine veteran and has been involved with CREST since 2016. He is currently the Chief Information Officer of the national law firm Mandelbaum Salsburg where he oversees critical infrastructure, privacy and security operations. He is also an Advisory Board Member of Gerson Lehrman Group, a Cyber Fellows Advisory Council Member, Member of the Information Technology Advisory Committee of the County College of Morris, Senior Advisor and Industry Advisory Board Member of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, and a Cyber Fellows Advisory Council Member of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering. Previous experience also includes working with OWASP (Open Web Application Security Project).

Contact: [email protected]

Rob Dartnall

UK Council Chair

Rob is the CEO and Director of Intelligence for Security Alliance Ltd, a Cyber Threat Intelligence company. From a military intelligence background, Rob transitioned his intelligence tradecraft into the cyber domain where he is an advocate of ‘Intelligence Preparation of the Cyber Environment’.

Rob’s primary work has been designing intelligence-led resiliency programs, developing intelligence capability, creating intelligence sharing frameworks and initiatives and providing intelligence led consulting engagements. Rob holds the CREST Certified Threat Intelligence Manager qualification, is a CREST TI Assessor and sits of the CTIPs Sub- Committee.

Rob was formally elected as Chair of what was then the GB Executive on 3 March 2021.

Contact: [email protected]

Rodrigo Marcos Alvarez

Europe Council Chair

Rod is the CEO of SECFORCE Ltd, a penetration testing and red teaming consultancy. Rod also contributes to the security community by leading an OWASP chapter, mainly driven by the goal of increasing security awareness and providing an opportunity for individuals to acquire technical offensive security skills.

With 20 years of experience in offensive security, Rod has a strong technical background. Even though he still enjoys getting involved in the technical aspect of security and getting his hands dirty in “low level” stuff, Rod’s professional goals are around creating a rewarding and inspiring work environment, helping solve customer challenges and make this world a safer place – one IP address at a time.

Contact: [email protected]

Nigel Phair

Australasia Council Chair

Nigel is Director, UNSW Canberra Cyber. He is an influential analyst on the intersection of technology, crime and society. Nigel has published three acclaimed books on the international impact of cybercrime, is a regular media commentator and provides executive and board advice on strategy, risk and governance of technology.

In a 21-year career with the Australian Federal Police, he achieved the rank of Detective Superintendent and headed up investigations at the Australian High Tech Crime Centre for four years. He is founder and managing director of a technology start-up company and has chaired a number of not-for-profit organisations.

Contact: [email protected]

Emil Tan

Asia Council Chair

Emil is Chief Operating Officer of cybersecurity talent development company Red Alpha. He took up the role of Chair of the Asia Council in December 2021, working with the council to support members and helping to shape our strategy in the region.

Emil founded and runs Singapore’s largest cybersecurity community group, Division Zero (Div0), worked for the Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) and was recently seconded to the Cyber Security Agency of Singapore (CSA). He is also Chair of Singapore’s Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS) and is a co-Founder and permanent member of the Global Cybersecurity Camp (GCC) which is an Asia-Pacific talent development programme.

Contact: [email protected]

Adrian Shaw

Representative, Incident Response

Adrian is a multi-skilled computer forensics, incident response, malware analysis, information security and computer network security specialist with extensive expertise in investigation of cyber-crime and major, complex and international crimes.

Adrian has expertise in criminal procedure, including collection of evidence, interviewing of suspects and presentation of evidence in accordance with requirements of Police & Criminal Evidence Act, Regulation of Investigative Powers Act, Data Protection Act, Misuse of Computers Act and ACPO Digital Evidence Best Practice Guidelines.


Jason Smart

Representative, Threat Intelligence

Jason is a Director within PwC’s Threat Intelligence Team where he leads and supports intelligence engagements within the APAC region. Prior to this Jason co-led the threat intelligence function at PwC UK, as well as working on incident response engagements across Europe and the Americas.

He leads all of PwC’s regulated intelligence framework exercises and holds a CCTIM, along with several other certifications. Jason has a 10 year plus history working in intelligence, where he has built teams and defined processes for intelligence collection, analysis, and reporting.

In addition, Jason is a regular at a variety of conferences, presenting unique research and best practice intelligence methodology. He previously worked in intelligence and response roles at endpoint detection company Crowdstrike and the Australian Signals Directorate


Tony UcedaVélez

Representative, Penetration Testing

Tony is CEO and founder of VerSprite.

Tony’s 25-year career in IT/InfoSec has led him to champion ‘true spirited’ security consulting. This is based on the observation that true security, although relative to each organization, is best managed via a risk-based approach where both an understanding of data usage and functional use cases are known in the context of viable threats scenarios and supportive attack vectors.

Tony is a co-author of Risk Centric Threat Modeling (Wiley 2015). Beyond VerSprite, Tony runs the OWASP Atlanta, GA Chapter and has been heavily involved in the OWASP global initiatives since 2008.

Leigh Collett

Representative, SOC

A seasoned IT professional and business manager with broad technical skills in IT, programming and security.

As Co-Founder of NetWorks (UK) Limited in 1994, I oversaw the growth of the company’s technical and commercial operations including a revers acquisition to become ML Integration prior to its sale to C&W in 2000.iSimile was developed in a similar way and was recognised as a leading supplier of Security Information Management solutions in the UK, helping organisations with their security architecture by providing best of breed security software.Now based in the Czech Republic, I lead Security Operations for Accenture’s Prague Cyber Fusion Centre, delivering security services to clients across Europe.

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