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What cyber security service do I need?

The Threat Landscape

We create and store unimaginable amounts of data, much of it vital for the running of our national defences and infrastructures, our businesses and our personal lives.

This vast resource is vulnerable to criminals and other malign actors – the people who want to steal, corrupt, delete or hold our data to ransom.

Organisations need to be sure that those employed to test and improve the security of their systems are competent and operate to the highest professional and ethical standards.

CREST Assurance

Accredited members provide buyers with clear assurances of the quality of their services, their trustworthiness and the technical capability of their staff.

CREST provides buyers with:

  • Access to trusted service organisations utilising highly skilled, knowledgeable and competent individuals
  • Procurement support
  • Maturity assessment tools
  • Commercially defensible techniques for procuring services
  • Industry benchmarks
  • An intuitive, searchable database of accredited members and services

Our members offer industry-leading levels of quality assurance and peace of mind for buyers thanks to our rigorous accreditation and professional certification processes.

Why use a CREST Supplier?

Cyber security services

It is not always immediately clear what cyber security service you may need for your organisation.

To help you we have developed our interactive Buyer Journey which helps you decide what cyber security service you need and puts you in touch with accredited members who can deliver that service.

You can find out more about cyber security disciplines by clicking on the panels at the bottom of the page for a brief introduction on each.

Or, if you prefer, you can click Start you buyer journey below to begin your search.

Start your Buyer Journey

CREST-accredited programmes

Penetration Testing
Intelligence-led Penetration Testing
Threat Intelligence
Cyber Security Incident Response
Security Operations Centre (SOC)
Vulnerability Assessment