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CREST signs MoU with the AiSP and CYS during Singapore International Cyber Week 2022

CREST signed two separate MoUs (Memorandum of Understanding) with the Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP) and Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS) during Singapore International Cyber Week (SiCW) 2022.

The ceremony occurred during the CREST Asia Reception: Fostering Partnership event with the two Singapore organisations on 19 October, at the GovWare 2022 Conference, and was witnessed by the Singapore and the international cybersecurity communities. 


The purpose of the MoU between CREST International and the AiSP is to create a formal basis for cooperation and collaboration between the two organisations to participate in and benefit from each other’s respective initiatives to create a vibrant and dynamic international information and cybersecurity ecosystem in Singapore.

Rowland Johnson, CREST’s President, presented details of CREST’s vision and mission at the GovWare Conference before signing the MoU with Johnny Kho, the President of the AiSP.

He said: “The AiSP continues to be an important partner for CREST in Singapore and among our global strategic partners. Since our initial partnership agreement in 2016. in conjunction with the launch of the CREST Singapore Chapter and the release of Singapore’s Cybersecurity Strategy, I am delighted to see how our two organisations have grown and flourished. 

“CREST International and the CREST Asia Council look forward to further developing our relationship with the AiSP in Singapore and our work in the Asia region. We want to take this opportunity to publicly thank the AiSP, its executive team and its members for its continued support and assistance and celebrate the work of the AiSP and welcome further collaboration in the years to come.”

AiSP President, Mr Johnny Kho said: “To address the industry need to improve the quality of the cybersecurity professionals in Singapore as well as to provide better assurance to end-users on the standard of cybersecurity services rendered, AiSP partnered with the Cybersecurity Agency of Singapore (CSA), the Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS), the Infocomm Development Agency (IDA, now IMDA) and the Associations of Banks in Singapore (ABS) to establish the CREST Singapore Chapter in 2016.

“With a healthy uptake of professional certifications and company accreditations, the project concluded successfully in March 2021. Under AiSP, CREST Singapore has grown throughout the years and has shown to be self-sustaining. As such, the project entered a transition period between April to December 2021 for the CREST Asia region to be established as an autonomous organisation independent of AiSP. 

“Today, AiSP is happy to solidify our continued partnership with CREST through the MoU as we continue to address the industry for the local ecosystem. AiSP will also continue to refine our programme and expand our outreach to allow more members to explore their potential in the industry while developing industry-relevant competencies. Our collective effort and contributions – from youths to educators to industry partners – will play a vital role in building a more sustainable cybersecurity ecosystem and enabling Singapore to secure its digital future.”


CREST signs MoU with the AiSP and CYS during Singapore International Cyber Week 22

The MoU between CREST International and CYS aims to establish a long-term partnership to jointly promote and foster the development of schooling the youth community in cybersecurity in Singapore.

Nick Benson, CREST’s CEO, signed the MoU with Ben Chua, the CEO of CYS and shared the significance of the partnership: “CREST is delighted to have signed what we feel is a significant MoU for CREST International, its members in Singapore and the cybersecurity youth community in the country. We admire and celebrate the work of CYS and welcome the opportunity to work with the youth group that is helping to empower young Singaporeans.

“CREST recognises CYS’s work and commitment to engage and nurture youths interested in technology and our cybersecurity industry. Its mission aligns with CREST International, which is committed to building trust in the digital world by raising professional standards and delivering measurable quality assurance for the global cybersecurity industry.”

Ben Chua, the CYS CEO, said: “The Team at CYS is thrilled to be partnering with CREST International and the CREST Asia Council in Singapore. By coming together with our aligned vision, mission, and values, I am excited to see what we will achieve and have no doubt that together we can accomplish great things for the youth-in-tech community in Singapore, with our first partnership opportunity coming later this year as we are delighted to announce that CREST is supporting the CY Summit in December.”

For CREST Asia media enquiries contact Faye Percival at [email protected] / +65 8361 4467.


Started in 2008, the Association of Information Security Professionals (AiSP) aims to:



For AiSP media enquiries, contact Vincent Toh at [email protected] / +65 9645 9497.


Cyber Youth Singapore (CYS) is a non-profit national movement, administered by a Board of Directors and the Council of Youths, committed to serving Singapore and the advancement of education in the area of technology in Singapore. It is Singapore’s first youth ground-up movement focused on bringing youths in tech together to secure Singapore’s digital future.

In summary, Cyber Youth Singapore currently has over 1,700 members and is expected to grow to over 10,000 members strong in 7 years. Currently, our scope of youths is individuals presently enrolled in secondary schools, ITEs, polytechnics, junior colleges, and universities.

Cyber Youth Singapore serves to build and establish a strong foundation for our digital future.                                          

For CYS media enquiries, contact Zhen Zhen Ong at [email protected]