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CREST website relaunch and branding refresh

CREST today launches a revised website along with refreshed corporate branding marking the start of a new chapter in our evolution as the industry body for technical cyber security.

Our website has been overhauled to give it a clearer focus for members, the buying community and individual professionals seeking certification. This is the start of a process of improvement to the website and we will be rolling out further enhancements in the weeks and months ahead.

Focus on members, buyers and professionals

The new website puts members, the buying community and professionals seeking CREST certification, centre stage with clearer signposting on the home page and throughout.

A core function of the new site is to turn buyers’ engagement with the website into sales leads for our members.

We have developed a new buyer-focused Find a Supplier journey that takes organisations, many of whom may be unsure what cyber security service they need, through a series of straight forward questions designed to generate meaningful results from our member database.

We are continuing to add to the Find a Supplier journey going forwards to improve its functionality, not only for the buyers using it but also to capture information about the buying community which can be aggregated and shared with members to inform their business development strategies.

New contact and callback functions on each member page allow potential clients to contact members directly and these leads will be logged in members’ dashboards.

Member Dashboards

For the first time members can log into their own website dashboards, with usernames and passwords which will be sent to members early next week.

Within this dashboard, members will have the ability to provide details about their organisation, including their value propositions, their skills and competencies, research initiatives and events that they are planning to run.  They will have the ability to keep the content current and updated, to maximise their ability to engage with the buying community.

You can also post links to content and job vacancies hosted on your own websites.

The dashboard also gives you an at-a-glance overview of any callback requests and enquiries you may have had via your member page on the CREST website.

Job listings

Members who link from their pages on the CREST website to job vacancies posted on their own websites will enjoy an additional benefit. We will collate the jobs to which members link and present them on our website in a way that allows qualified individuals to browse those vacancies.

In this way we can offer our members access to a pool of CREST-qualified and competent job candidates, and at no additional cost.

The intention is to launch this service once members begin linking to vacancies and we will develop the functionality for both members and potential job seekers thereafter.

Branding refresh

In unveiling our branding refresh alongside these new developments, we are signalling the start of a phase of dynamic change for CREST, building on our proud history. This is not a revolution, but an evolution that builds upon our brand, our industry influence and our market reputation

The new colours, logo design, discipline icons and assorted marketing assets are designed to bring a fresher more modern look to our brand while still being recognisably CREST.

We are in the process of updating all our documentation and other assets with many already completed and others to be updated in the days ahead. New branding and marketing guidance and assets have been sent to members and are available on request from [email protected]

Further development

These are exciting times for CREST. The changes to the website and branding are the outcome of considerable member engagement and effort from our staff and our delivery partners to add significantly more value for members, for the buying community and for individual cyber security professionals.

Rather than the being the end of a process, these changes are departure points for ongoing progress, innovation and service development in the weeks and months ahead.

While every effort has been made to ensure that where we have transferred data and content from the old CREST website we have done so accurately, there may be cases where this has not happened. We apologise in advance for any discrepancy and if you contact us will do our utmost to rectify at the soonest opportunity [email protected]