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CREST’s International Council have confirmed the re-appointment of Rowland Johnson as President of CREST

Rowland Johnson

Rowland, who was appointed as President in September 2021 on an initial one-year term, will serve a three-year term of office following this week’s decision by the Council which is CREST’s international governing body. 

Nick Benson, CREST’s CEO, said: “On behalf of the CREST International Council I am pleased to confirm that the Council have voted to re-appoint Rowland as CREST President.

“This brings important continuity of leadership to help CREST continue along the transformation path that commenced last year.

“I am personally delighted with the Council’s decision and look forward to working with Rowland on the exciting and varied opportunities ahead of us.”

Rowland has been a strong supporter of CREST for many years, serving as member of CREST’s GB Executive between 2014 and 2020. Rowland was heavily involved in CREST’s international growth during his term and supported the creation of CREST in Singapore and in America.

“I feel hugely privileged to have the support of the International Council to continue in my role as CREST President,” said Rowland who was a founding director of cyber security company Nettitude.

“CREST has launched a number of new initiatives in recent months, most recently the CREST OVS accreditation, which are designed to increase value and business opportunities for members.

“I am delighted to be able to continue working with the CREST team globally to drive that transformation forward for the benefit of members, the buying community, cyber security professionals and the industry as a whole.”