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CyberCrowd gains CREST accreditation for pen testing

Berkshire-based cyber security specialist CyberCrowd, has been awarded CREST accreditation for its penetration testing services that simulate real-life cyber attacks to identify vulnerabilities in an organisation’s IT systems. CREST is a not-for-profit body that provides internationally recognised accreditations for organisations providing technical security services that are increasingly required to work for government bodies, financial sector organisations and major corporates.

To achieve CREST accreditation, CyberCrowd had to undergo stringent assessment of business processes, data security and testing methodologies and have CREST certified penetration testers able to carry out this highly-skilled and sensitive work.

“Due to the rigorous assessment and selection criteria, CREST accreditation allows our customers to have the confidence and assurance in the penetration testing services we provide,” said Mike Robinson, CEO at CyberCrowd. “Not only will this ensure we maintain our high level of technical ability, it will also help us to attract the best talent to ensure our continued growth and success.”

“With the growing demand for penetration testing services to strengthen defenses against cyber attacks, CREST accreditation allows CyberCrowd to demonstrate that its penetration testing services have been validated to the highest standards,” said Ian Glover, President of CREST. “Our company accreditations and professional qualifications give buyers the level of trust and assurance they need to purchase technical security services.”

About CyberCrowd
CyberCrowd is a market leader in digital security, offering a wide range of services from vulnerability assessment through to pen testing, CISO as-a-Service, Certification Readiness and DPO (Data Protection Officer) services. Working with large enterprises, down to smaller boutique firms, CyberCrowd offers security services specifically designed to suit every level of organisation and sector.