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FPT IS achieves CREST Accreditation for Penetration Testing Services

Released: 29 February 2024

The Penetration Testing service (Pentest) provided by FPT IS was accredited by CREST, making FPT IS one of the few technology companies in Vietnam qualified to become an official member of CREST.

FPT IS’s Pentest service is assessed by CREST to meet international standards in terms of expert capacity, professional experience, technological capabilities, policies, processes, procedures and professional ethics related to testing. Becoming a member of CREST is an important step for FPT IS in the process of standardizing Pentest services according to international standards, meeting the needs and major problems of customers for security issues in Vietnam. This is also a milestone for FPT IS in the globalization strategy.

During 30 years of development, FPT IS is proud to be the leading system integrator and solution provider in Vietnam and the region. FPT IS assesses the Global Managed Services Park with an aim to provide services for 100 international customers, host more than 1,000 employees, and reach a revenue of $30 million by 2026.

To be recognized as a member of CREST, the company needs to meet many strict criteria. In particular, regarding the company’s capabilities, FPT IS fully meets the requirements by possessing a series of world-class IT certificates (ISO9001, ISO27001…).

Regarding criteria for the capability of the Pentest service, FPT IS achieved an almost perfect score when proving success in many large projects through its team of leading technology experts.

CREST also evaluates service implementation by asking for customer references. FPT IS  received good reviews from international customers, helping to strengthen the position and capabilities of the business.

“We are pleased to welcome FPT IS as a CREST Accredited member company in the Asia Region,” said Rowland Johnson – President of CREST. “To gain accreditation for its penetration testing services, FPT IS has been through a demanding assessment process that examined test methodologies, legal and regulatory requirements, data protection standards, logging and auditing, internal and external communications with stakeholders, as well as how test data security is maintained. FPT IS joins a growing number of companies in Vietnam with our internationally recognised accreditation that provides buyers with valuable, independent validation of the high quality of the penetration testing services being delivered.”

“FPT IS is proud to be a reliable and comprehensive technology partner of leading organizations in Vietnam and globally. In the field of information security, we are currently the only technology unit in Vietnam to own CREST accreditation for Pentest and QSA services. This demonstrates FPT IS’s pioneering and leadership in the field of information security, affirming FPT IS’s commitment to customers. Being recognized by CREST will strengthen our position in the domestic market and expand cooperation opportunities with international partners and customers. We will continue to develop Made by FPT IS products and services that meet international standards, conquering the global market”, Mr. Nguyen Hoang Minh – CEO of FPT IS shared.

About FPT IS

FPT IS is a member company of FPT Corporation. Established in 1994, FPT IS is a leading solution and product developer, system integrator, and IT service provider in Vietnam and the region. The company’s competence and reputation spans across a wide range of fields, including: Government, Telecommunications, Banking – Finance, Health, Education, Transport, Public finance, Energy, Enterprise, with a network of more than 3,000 customers and 20 global technology partners.

Besides mastering solutions provided by top world vendors, FPT IS also develops its own “Made by FPT IS” (MBF) ecosystem. MBF solutions are researched and developed using the cutting-edge technological trends and platforms; and gradually affirm their outstanding advantages and values compared to competitive products, meeting the diverse needs of domestic and foreign customers.

Visit FPT IS website: https://fpt-is.com/en/


CREST is an international non-profit membership organization that represents the global cybersecurity industry. CREST boasts over 350 accredited member companies and certifies thousands of professionals worldwide. Collaborating with governments, regulators, academia, training partners, professional bodies, and various stakeholders, CREST is dedicated to elevating and setting standards in the global cybersecurity industry.